Has anyone heard of Continuum Pediatrics in Pittsburgh?

  1. Hi. I'm a relatively new nurse working in psych. I am trying to get into peds, and I recently got a call from Continuum Pediatrics. I tried to do some research online but haven't come up with much. I would appreciate if anyone has any info about them before I make the decision to leave my current job. Thank you!
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  3. by   lsvalliant
    This is kind of a late post.. but I have been working for them for about a year now and I like them. They are a small agency which is nice. They know the nurses on a first name basis.. They are really good about time off and training.. And I got a birthday card and a get well soon card from them when I called out sick. Who does that?! I think the pay is a little lower than a few other agencies I've researched, but at least you know they have your back.I would highly recommend them.
  4. by   Noah'sRNMom
    Hi! Thanks for your reply. I have no experience in Peds, so I want to make sure they offer proper training. I know I wouldn't want a nurse taking care of my child with sub-par training. If you would tell me some more about them, I would appreciate it. What is the pay and schedule like if you don't mind me asking. You can pm if you'd like or my email is thisisnicole19 at yahoo. thanks!