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Is there anyone who has been accepted to the Harcum Evening nursing program for 2010?... Read More

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    Passed Nursing 101 fundamentals of nursing at Harcum, very crazy very hard. Does any one have any advice on what to expect for Nursing 103 it is a 7 week course and we have a test every week and instructor is E. Cratin.

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    I will be attending the evening nursing program for May 2012...has anything changed with their program...are things better now? Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Hello NENurse,

    I too will be attending in the evening at Harcum, this coming May.
    I look forward to hearing what others have to say. I work with one nurse who just graduated last year and she thought it was hard. I do no that the books are not included in the tuition and you have to buy everything seperately. That's all I learned, she didn't get into any specifics.
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    I have also been accepted to the evening program. I have not made my decision on where to go yet, hopefully in the next week. The provisional status really scares me. I have questioned the status, and was told the provisional status will remain in place until October 2012, at which time the Pennsylvania State Board will examine their NCLEX-RN first time pass rate for the past year to determine if its 80% or higher. I was told that the last quarter of 2011, they were at 77.7%, and so far the Decembner graduates have all passsed on the first try 100%, but some have still not taken it yet.

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