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Hello all I'm new to the forum but I but wanted to know if anyone is attending Harcum's evening program in May, I recently got accepted and wanted to know what to expect with classes n clinicals. Its been a long road for me so I... Read More

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    Hi! yes i am totally ready to get started! i noticed that there are a few "repeats" in the upcoming class, 4 so far that i counted.Just really hoping they don't ruin this experience with a whole bunch of"the last time we did" wasn't able to determine the cause/reason for their lack of success the 1st time but i hope they will be good sports and "play nice"! BTW did you order your uniforms yet, and is it mandatory we purchase from that company?

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    I have to admit I'm scared to death to start. I really thought I was prepared. I took all my pre-reqs at Montco Community College and everyone I talk to said if you can get through the sciences there on the first try you will be fine. I'm starting to question that haha. The student nurses I talked to said they lose about 1/2 the class the first semester. WOW thats alot!!! I've never worked in the medical field so everything is new to me.
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    Hiswife-Yes, I did see the repeats too, I'm hoping they're not a problem either but if so I'm ready for them . As far as the uniforms go, I ordered the two sets and white lab jacket and that's it. The gentleman from the uniform store was trying to make me buy the accessory kit that was like $200 bucks, I told him I have everything except that chart n the cpr mask but he was trying to make me. I emailed our teacher and asked if we had too and she said no, use what I have and that he just wanted the business. I thought that was funny!!

    Oreland-Don't question your ability, you'll do just fine, you've made it this far. In regards to losing students, that is a lot people...that class size was huge at orientation. I have medical experience that I hope will help me along the way and therefore allow me to help you and others if they need it. We're all in this together, we have to be strong...we're gonna look back on this day as RN's and laugh
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    Did everyone have a chance to see which clinical day(s) they were assigned to yet? I'm in group G looking to switch with someone in group D because of the location. Any takers???
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    Hi everyone!
    I am in clinical group B! Is anyone else in this group? Would love to get to know a few people before clinical actually start
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    Quote from nss5015
    Hi everyone!
    I am in clinical group B! Is anyone else in this group? Would love to get to know a few people before clinical actually start
    Hey, nss...I'm in group b also, if u want u can message me ur name n we can talk
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    Hello can anyone give me info on the Harcum evening program. I would like to know about the tuition cost. I live in NJ butv I thinking will it be worth it.
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    Hello, Im knew to the forum. I would like to know can anyone give me info about the Harcum Evening Nursing Program. I live in Jersey so I know Im going to have to pay out of state tuition. Also what are the lectures days and clinical.
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    Congratulations unique2 on being accepting into the nursing program. You can plan on being involved with school about 4 days per week. The first semester was 2 days of class, one day lab and one day clinical for one class, Fundamentals. The second semester we had three classes( 2 days per week) and two clinicals. This past semester, we had two classes(one day) and two clinicals. Our last semester is scheduled for 3 classes, a lab and clinicals and we are supposed to be there 4 days next semester. So in other words...u will be traveling A LOT!!! Between classes and clinicals (depending on the site u are assigned to). Feel free to ask anything else.
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    Thank you for the information. Yes that sounds like a lot of traveling. I could not find any evening classes here in NJ. Oh Are books and uniforms included in the tuition?

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