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Hi! I got accepted into Gwynedd Mercy's nursing program for Fall of 2011. Has anyone else gotten accepted? If you are a current student or a recent graduate can you please share some of your... Read More

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    Congrats Greyhoundmom!! I am looking over my schedule, I see we have the same classes but I think mine are at different times :-(
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    hey greyhoundmom!
    we both have clinicals on tuesday, now that doesnt mean well be together, but hopefully. this way we at least know each other!!!
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    we also are taking a couple of the same classes but not the same times. morality and cont health care and concepts of nursing and adult health nursing. we can all get together and study some time
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    I'm a newbie...I am currently finishing up my 3 pre-reqs at MCCC but I was told that I couldn't transfer to Gwynedd into their nursing program unless I already have a bachelors degree in another field and go into their BSN Nursing or I am already an RN and go into their BSN Nursing. Is this true? Thanks!!!
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    Only if you want to go into their weekend option. The weekend option is only for people with a bachelor degree in another field.
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    Hello everyone
    I just received my acceptance letter from Gwynedd College. I am so excited, but i just heard that some people said they dont care about how many credits you have completed you have to start from scratch. Is that true.