Got my acceptance letter for Shadyside School of Nursing! Anyone Else going Fall 2011

  1. 0 Hi guys!

    I got my acceptance package today! Already filled my paperwork out for my clearances! Anyone else get theirs? Maybe we will be in class together!
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    Me too!!

    But I have a dilema - I also got into the ohio valley program and got the scholarship which will require a three year work commitment. Ohio is closer to my house and seems like a good program but I'm torn because Shadyside is more expense but has an excellent reputation.
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    I have been accepted also! I already received 2 of my clearances, just waiting for the one which had to be mailed out. I am so excited! Which information session are you attending ?
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    How long did it take you to get your clearances back? Waiting for them makes me nervous!! I am going on June 9th? Which session are you attending?
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    I still need my clearances - but I just got my letter on tuesday. If it takes the full six weeks it will be cutting it close to 7/15.

    I am going to the info session on the 9th also. So see you guys there!!
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    They really didn't give us much time to meet the deadline for the clearances did they? I hope there isn't a problem getting them in time!

    Glad to hear you are going on the 9th too! It will be nice to meet some classmates!!
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    I will also be going the 9th. Well I got the state criminal record check online immediately, and I got my finger print FBI one back like 4 days later (unusual to be so fast) and still waiting on child abuse. It should not take too long, considering that I work at a daycare and had to get them all done about a year ago. Are you also getting photo idb done the 9th?
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    Did either of you pay for your fingerprinting online? I was doing that now and have to pick why - none of the choices are quite right and the acceptance letter doesn't say...
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    i went with this one:
    employment with a significant likelihood of regular contact with children - an individual applying to engage in an occupation with a significant likelihood of regular contact with children, in the form of care, guidance, supervision or training. such persons include social service workers, hospital personnel, mental health professionals, members of the clergy, counselors, librarians and doctors

    all the other choices where for foster care, adoption or child care worker.
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    That is the option I picked
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    I am doing my ID badge on the 9th as well.

    I also picked the same option for the fingerprinting. I am hoping I am lucky and the clearances all come back quickly!!
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    Today is the day! Getting ready to head down there soon for my ID Badge. See you there :-)
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    I'll be leaving soon also! I'll be wearing white shirt with black flowers and black capris if ya see me!

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