Fall 2012 PSU Altoona Second Degree Nursing

  1. Hi~ is there anyone who got accepted to PSU Altoona for fall 2012 as Second Degree Nursing??
    I was wondering if you guys got any information on the housing and stuff.

    anyone who attended PSU Altoona Second degree Nursing would like to help me out with out of campus housing?
    -is there single or studio type apartment?
    -do you need a car to get to school?
    -where is clinical takes place?
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Moved to PA Nursing Programs for more of a response.
  4. by   nancy.wong
    I got in for Fall 2012. I haven't received any additional information since my acceptance letter. I have looked into housing in the area. Seems reasonably priced for off campus places and distance doesn't seem that bad either. Only downside is that you have to roommate with people. I'll be making a trip to PSU Altoona to check out places before the semester starts. That might be something you want to do if you're able to make that trip.
  5. by   tscharf
    I'm in the class that will be graduating Dec 2012. I'm not much help with off-campus housing as I am from the area and commute, but I know there is affordable housing in the area. If driving a little (15 minutes) doesn't bother you, there is housing outside of Altoona that is quite affordable, too.

    You will need a car to get to some of the clinical sites. We are at Altoona Regional Hospital for many of our clinicals, but have also traveled to Homewood (in Martinsburg) and some were placed at Nason Hospital (in Roaring Spring). We are starting our community nursing course and will definitely need to have a car b/c we are at a lot of different sites.

    Depending on where you get housing, you may be able to walk to campus or use public transportation.

    I *think* we got our packets in April last year; if you are feeling a little anxious, give Penny a call and she can let you know when more info will be distributed.

    Let me know if you have any other questions I can help you with. (I'm not on here a lot, but will check back to see if you have other questions. :-) )
  6. by   evym
    yeah.. I was checking online but only downside is that we have to roommate with others..
    which I am not comfortable with.. usually there are like four people and sharing one bathroom... which is crazy!!
    yeah.. I wanted to go over there and check out places.. but I'm actually traveling overseas right now.. I probably won't be back until end of summer.. so I'm kinda lost with what to do with the housing..
  7. by   tscharf
    There is a lot of off-campus housing available, too. Have you contacted housing to see if they have any single-room suggestions?
  8. by   evym
    I tried to contact the office but they do not have much clue..
    So I guess i'll have to find it when I get there.. but I dont know..
    i'm worried that there might be no housing left by the time I start the school.

    Oh when did you guys have a orientation for nursing? is it required for all the student to attend?
  9. by   tscharf
    Our orientation was in June last year and was not mandatory. If you aren't there, you will have to make arrangements with the company to order uniforms and a nametag.

    Hot-Ads Altoona, PA -------- a link to the classifieds section of the local newspaper.

    Altoona Student Housing Your Best Resource for finding Student Housing in the Altoona Area --------------- a link to housing that is off-campus but near PSU Altoona
  10. by   evym
    Oh thank you so much~~!!
    Is there any areas of around the campus might be little dangerous ?
    are they such as good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods?
  11. by   tscharf
    I'll have to ask around. We are not in the classroom until Friday; I'll talk to some fellow students then and get back to you.
  12. by   evym
    Thank you so much~~!!
    Oh.. what's the class size? how many students start together?
  13. by   angelalala
    I don't live in Altoona but my parents do. The cost of living there is really low, and the campus is in a nice area (it really is a beautiful campus). There are a few run-down areas by the Altoona hospital, but I have never felt uncomfortable/unsafe even there; that said, my level of comfort may be different because of the other cities in which I've lived.

    There is also an Altoona/Johnstown Craigslist page.
  14. by   tscharf
    From what I've gathered from my classmates, the area immediately around the campus has a lot of college-geared rentals and such. If you're willing to drive ~15-20 minutes, there are rentals in Hollidaysburg & Duncansville as well.

    We started with 31 students; currently there are 27 of us. For clinical rotations, we are in groups of no more than 10. (Often smaller, though.)