Experiences at Penn Presby?

  1. Hi there, I know I have posted in the Pennsylvania forums before, but I need help with something else, if you lovely ladies/gentlemen would be so kind. I have a interview with Penn Presby soon, but my mother (who lived in Philadelphia in the 70-80's) became upset because it is in a bad neighborhood. I am just wondering if anyone who has worked there likes or dislikes it, and what his/her experience was. Feel free to PM me for privacy concerns. Thank you very much for your time!
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  3. by   trinigrl78
    I work there as a per diem nurse. I've never has any issues with the surroundings. Working there will give you an opportunity to network with professionals. I hear the benefits are great too. The bottom line is that Nursing culture at Presby exemplifies shared governance.
    If selected you will have an opportunity to be involved in nurse driven evidence based research and be in a supportive environment that cherishes life work balance and not to mention diversity. Also the trauma program is coming in 2015 now is a great time to be there.
    They are also generous with tuition reimbursement.
    Good luck maybe I may see you around.
  4. by   deflowerkidRN
    Thank you very much for your response. I have had my interview and was accepted for the position, but I need to graduate with my BSN (December 13) before I can take my spot. I was very impressed with the unit and the hospital. I hope I can still have a position there in December! Thank you again!
  5. by   oceanblue52
    I lived a little South of there (2009-2013) and used to take the 40th street subway by there all the time. I wouldn't stress out too much about the neighborhood, it can look a little sketchy but common sense and being aware of your surroundings goes along way. Never had any issues commuting daily, even coming home late night from school. Congrats to you for getting the position!