Drexel vs. Widener Questions (long)

  1. I was accepted to these three schools and I'm having a heck of a time deciding. I'm really not even considering La Salle at this point since it looks like I won't get an official acceptance/denial until after spring semester is over (I'm still finishing sciences). So it boils down to Widener and Drexel. Both have offered scholarships, and Widener's financial aid isn't too bad (some loans, but not ridiculous). I was only accepted to Drexel a few days ago so I haven't received my financial aid yet other than the scholarship. I'm supposed to register for classes at Widener in 2 1/2 weeks (so I'll have to send in my deposit). And I'll be starting there next month so I have to make a decision!!!

    I drove through Drexel's Hahnemann campus yesterday, and while I'll be taking the train (I'm right over bridge in NJ), it's so close to me! I had no idea. The campus isn't much of a campus, but I know that really doesn't matter. The area looks safer than Chester, considering I'll have to walk about three blocks.

    My concerns about Drexel: how does this quarter system work? I know I have to go during the summer, but that would be next summer, correct? Are the classes/clinicals 4 or 5 days a week? I'm really worried about this exit exam as well..and the high required passing score.Has anyone heard of these co-ops actually hiring after graduation? Is it really as great as it sounds? I would think with the way things are right now, any experience would be great. Are the clinicals all at Hahnemann or local facilities?

    I have a list here from Widener of nursing homes to chose from for the fall semester clinicals, and they're all out in Bucks county, Media, etc. Widener is already 25 miles for me, but the drive is easy..I just don't want to be treking all over the place two days a week in addition to class days (3 days). I have kid's schedules and I really can't be adding crazy travel time.

    My husband has a friend who has worked at these hospitals (Hahnemann, Crozer) and says I'll get a more well-rounded experience at Crozer? She also said that the area around Drexel/Hahnemann is full of bums (but it really didn't look that bad..at least the area isn't all burnt out looking!)

    I know it's really a personal decision, so I'm just talking through it (everyone at home is sick of hearing it). So...if any of you had to make this decision, what was the dealbreaker? Any big glaring NOs for me?
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  3. by   jtboog2003
    Hi, I have been accepted to La Salle, Widener, and Drexel for this upcoming Fall. I chose La Salle because they gave me the most scholarships, and the better financial package. I have one thing to say about Drexel. EXPENSIVE. I received my financial aid packet in the mail a few days ago, and even with the scholarships and loans they gave me, I would still have to find about $16,000 in outside loans on my own or pay out of my pocket. They estimate costs to be $43,000 for tuition and fees PLUS the costs for books, and supplies, which they estimate out to be about $8,900. Also, not to brag or anything, but I have a 3.8 GPA and EFC of O and I definitely expected more money from them. If you have that kind of money, and it isn't an issue then I would go for Drexel. I refuse to pay that much for any school.

    I know people who went to Widener, and they loved it, they said the professors really help you. I know people who went to Drexel, and some liked it, others didn't.
    The quarter system is like a fast paced course, shorter than normal semesters. It's a bit more intense because you are going to get all the information that someone gets over an entire semester. All nursing curriculums are rather similar regarding clinicals, and class times as far as I have seen. (Unless you're doing a night program)

    Drexel clinical aren't all at Hahnemann. You will be going to diferent parts of the city. I know there are several nursing homes, and I believe a friend of mine also went to Einstein Hospital around Olney. So to answer your question, they will be all over.

    Personally, I'm not to impressed with Drexel now that I have really taken a look at it. I know others have said that it's a big school, and it's a bit hard to get assistance for things, and it's a bit true. They didn't even update my transcript evaluation, and missed over 43 credits that I have taken already. (sent them in months ago, and they said they received them) I have yet to get an updated one that includes these credits, and it's been about three weeks.

    This is not to knock Drexel, but I like more personable schools, and I don't get that vibe from them. I did get that vibe from La Salle and Widener but I went with La Salle because of funds like I said, and also because it's only about 10 mins. from my house.

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    Thank you for your response...you said a lot of what I had read during my (brief) research, and I agree that cost really has to be the deal breaker, especially with the availability of jobs as a new grad--it doesn't make sense. As of right now I haven't received my award package from Drexel besides the scholarship and chances are I won't know what aid I'm receiving until after I have to confirm with Widener.

    I communicated with admissions at La Salle, and was told that they wouldn't be able to make a decision until this semester's grades are in, which won't be until the third week of May. I feel confident that I'll be accepted, but there are other reasons that led me to seriously consider looking elsewhere. That's great that you were given good aid at La Salle--are you going for the day program? I had applied for the evening program and was told there were no scholarships available for the Achieve program and I think being parttime I wasn't going to get as much aid anyway.

    So after really thinking it over and comparing Widener and Drexel, it look like Widener is the path that I will be taking. I liked the school right way, back during the winter when I had my advising appointment. Everyone I have dealt with has been super nice and my impression so far is that they are very organized and hopefully the program will be equally well-run. I think I really just needed to explore every aspect of these schools so I felt confident with my choice.

    So it looks like I really have to get moving on getting stuff done! I can't believe I'm starting in 40 days!

    Good luck to you! And hey, you don't need to brag, be proud..I have bragging rights too: (3.829 so far) but not a EFC of 0. Of course once we move on, RIP sweet GPAs .
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    No problem, I hope I was of some help to you! Yes I am going into the Day Program at La Salle, and you should do great at Widener, Like I said, I have heard nothing but great things about the school, and yea, you would probably get around the same amount of aid that I got, or maybe even less since your EFC isn't zero.

    I really expect my GPA to go down, but hopefully not too much It's crazy how like a 80 is a C and things like that in Nursing. Anyways thank you, and I really wish you all the best!
  6. by   winterlights08
    You were helpful, thanks again! Now that I've decided for sure I feel like I can finally relax a bit. Haha. At least I can focus my energy now . Good luck and all the best to you too!