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Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months... Read More

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    Current ACE student. Getting accepted is not difficult. You have to meet the minimum GPA and have all of your prerequisites. Everybody gets in. They don't screen their applicants, and they don't really care if you succeed, they'll be happy to take your tuition regardless. They will scramble to pull instructors off the street from anywhere they can in order to accommodate the largest incoming class they can. It is a business. The 'ex-ace guy' a couple comments above this is exaggerating, but there is also some truth in what he says. While there are some very good instructors, there are also a lot of incompetent instructors... and certainly more incompetent ones than good ones. The administration is adversarial towards the students in the extreme. Communication and coordination is terrible. The pressure is tremendous, not because of the difficulty of the academic material, but because it is such a poorly run program. Consider this: you need to have a final grade of a 77% to pass a class. If you get below a 77%, you fail out of the program. Consider, if you have just one incompetent teacher, as you most definitely will, who doesn't teach you what you need to know for a test, and you do poorly, on just one test (because most class grades consist of only a midterm and a final) it puts you in danger of failing the entire program. I promise you you will discover this for yourself. Ask around in the community. It has a poor reputation.

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    Hey i Just found out last week I was accepted for the spring 2014, what was your gpa? Mine was a 3.0, but has increased a little with my pre reqs.
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    6 months in to the program, and I have no regrets. Yeah, there are lots of things to complain about, and a bunch of people are struggling to pass their classes, but everyone is different. It's not for everyone. It's fast, and it's a business. If you want to buy a fast degree and a satisfactory education for $40,000, and you know how to play the game, take the tests and pass your classes, then this is a great program.
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