Drexel ACE program 2012

  1. Hi All, I applied back in January for the Spring 2012 ACE program at Drexel and while I need to complete a few more prerequisites (I was a Poli Sci major so not many science classes in my background) and was wondering how long does it normally take for Drexel to get back to someone about their application process. I know I need to complete the classes before I am officially accepted and while I had a cousin help me with some questions as she went to the Drexel ACE program she said that they will send me a list of the classes I need to complete but that I will be accepted before hand. If anyone has any information for me that will help me through this process a little more it would be greatly appreciated. I applied back in January/February as the system did not have that 2012 application on their website for a while. )I had applied for the Fall 2011 and I knew I could not get all the classes done by the end of the summer.) Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Tillytiffin
    I submitted my ACE application for the Spring 2012 session in Feb. 2011 and got my acceptance notification the last week of April 2011. Waiting for acceptance letters is the worst. I must have stalked that discovery.drexel site everyday to see if my status changed.

    Good luck!
  4. by   krd1984
    I had to submit my CCP transcripts before they could process it, It took me forever to get a response as to what college transcripts they wanted because they didnt specify on discover drexel's site. But thank you and good luck, hopefully I will be joining you soon too at Drexel next year!
  5. by   jmilo77
    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping to apply Fall 2013 and moving to Philly to take my prereqs atCCP. Does anyone know or have a list of course equivalency for CCP's courses that will meet Drexel's ACE requirements?