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Hello All, I've lurked here for many months and LOVE :redbeathe all of the quality advice that is given to every single post... I am hoping there are some fellow students out there that can tell me about the Drexel BSN 4yr... Read More

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    Thanxx again lulu, wow...i jus have one more question, since the class has 80 students im guessing that means they seperate the students when it comes to the regular classes right? How many students is in one class, like a lab class or your nursing informatics class was it alot of students or was it like 20 per class?

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    Do they seperate the students by alphabetical order? I seen that you did some of your clinicals already in NJ, did you like it? What was your experience like? What did you have to do? Is it like working as a CNA or did u have more responsibilities? Girl you know i have tons of questions, lol

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    i found out that i got accepted to drexel a couple weeks ago! i was accepted to a couple other nursing schools, but drexel and jefferson are at the top of my list. i was accepted to the 5 year co-op, but would i be able to switch to the 4 year program? i like the three co-op opportunities in the 5 year, but i don't know if i really want to wait a whole another year to become a nurse. i think one co-op would be enough for me. does anyone know how i could switch to the 4 year program if i enroll?

    by the way, is anyone going to the accepted students day on march 6th or april 11th?
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    If you are a new freshman you should be able to switch by talking to your adviser. If you are a transfer student, you will not be able to switch.
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    Quote from dml2010
    Do they seperate the students by alphabetical order? I seen that you did some of your clinicals already in NJ, did you like it? What was your experience like? What did you have to do? Is it like working as a CNA or did u have more responsibilities? Girl you know i have tons of questions, lol

    DITTO for me....

    One more thing (well for now...) Did you get the Ipod touch for clinicals?
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    Ok..I'm gonna try to address everything in the order they were asked:

    Yes, the classes are separated in some cases. For example, in my class there is two different classes for the main 6-credit courses and also for most of the other classes. But in some cases, like nursing informatic lecture, the whole class was together at the same time because it was held in a lecture hall. The labs however were divided into about 4 classes at different times. So my principles class there was probably about 35 people.
    I don't know how they separate us but its not by alphabetical order. You're clinicals will be more in depth as you go on in the program. The first clinical you do will basically be like working as a CNA, you'll basically be doing vital signs, bed changing and bed baths. And there is A LOT of paperwork, so expect that now. I really like having my clinical at kennedy. I was able to go to the OR a few weeks ago with my patient and it was awesome. The nurses down there were soooo nice and giving me a lot of information. Now that I'm in adult 1, I'm doing a little more than the previous clinical. I have 2 patients instead of 1 and we're also giving medications on top of everything else we did. You won't be doing as many CNA type stuff as you go along because realistically, nurses don't have to do that very often. However, if anyone asks me to do it I do it..because you're at clinical to get as much experience as possible.
    You will be getting an Ipod touch for clinicals on the first day of classes. Our class was the first ones to ever get it, before they were giving PDAs. They also pay for skyscape that you will download on your Ipod touch. Definitely a very valuable resource to have at clinical.
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    LULU --- You are Wonderful!!!
    You just don't know how much I really appreciate you taking this time to write back. We know you are extremely busy with school. Thanks for caring...
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    I agree completely....lulu ur definitely a big help....i jus cant wait for september now....ughh it seems so far away...do you have enough time for studying in between all your classes and also having to do clinicals? Is it difficult? Also would you recommend being certified as a cna before starting the program or is it not necessary? So far is this a program you would recomend? Like, will it be your first choice if you can do it all over again?
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    Quote from Lulu222
    I honestly have never heard of a two-year fast track program. I'm assuming it's a brand new thing because I know myself and a dozen other transfer students would have jumped on that opportunity in a heart beat if it was offered to us! I'll ask around for you though.
    Thanks. Drexel is going to send me more information about the program in the next two weeks. From the information I have so far, I will transfer and receive my BSN in two years and I will be able to complete one co-op. I just wish they had more information posted online.
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    I'm so glad I'm able to help you guys out.

    I'll be honest when I say it really is difficult. It's been especially hard for me this quarter, you'll find yourself staying home or being in the library A LOT, but that's what it takes. Passing grade is 76.5 or higher so there's a lot of pressure. The majority of people don't have a job or have cut down on their hours a lot. I only work 1 or 2 days a week now and most of the time I have to get someone to pick up my second shift.

    If you become a CNA before you start clinicals, it will definitely help you. Especially with your vital sign check-out. It's not necessary, because they teach you everything once you get there, but it is helpful. So you if you have the time and want to get ahead of the game I would absolutely go for it.

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