Did anyone apply for main Line Health nurse residency program? - page 2

Hi everyone! I am a recent BSN graduate and passed my boards. I am currently applying for Main Line Health's Nurse residency program. I just wanted to find out if there were nurses here who started as new grads at main line... Read More

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    yes I interviewed on 02/21/2012 and was notified via email on 02/24/2012 that I was not selected...

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    I also interviewed with them for the same session as you, isitpossible. I contacted them two weeks ago and was told that decisions were not made yet of those selected and those not selected. Could it be for a position that you applied and that the email was not in regards to the nurse residency program?
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    Leaning that is strange. No believe me it was the nurse residency!! I interviewed on a Tuesday, and received notice that Friday. I can never forget it b/c it was the day before my boards!!!
    I then received a SECOND rejection on March 9th. You were not selected for the nurse residency! I politely emailed the recruiter and advised that one rejection was sufficient, I didnt need two. I have completely moved on. I really would have thought by now they made their decision. But I know I was not chosen!
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    Moved to PA Nurses.

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