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Hello! Didn't see another thread for this program and was wondering if anyone else has been accepted yet? Or if there are current/past students who know anything about the program. =)... Read More

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    Hey Ktilz,

    I was recently accepted into the ABSN program for 2013. Would you be able to give me some advice/insight into the program? Can private message me whenever you have a chance? Thanks
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    How was the journey from Tobyhanna?
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    I will be attending DeSales this upcoming May and I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion about where to rent an apartment? Specifically, an apartment complex in the area. If you lived in one, or know someone who did, please respond to this post. I am having trouble finding a place close to campus.
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    Ktliz- does that extend to the 2013 class as well?
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    Quote from jzay2000
    Ktliz- does that extend to the 2013 class as well?
    Of course