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DCCC Nursing Program 2013 - page 4

Is anyone currently applying for the Nursing Program for next year? I took my TEAS already, and I'm retaking it in two weeks to get a better score before applying. I'm just curious if anyone else is... Read More

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    4boysmama Thank you for your information that was so helpful!! I wish I checked this sooner, I don't get any notifications from the site...I thought no one answered!! I'm so excited to see some of you there, I got a %78 on the TEAS and was accepted, and in the top quarter percentile. I'm so nervous/excited but I appreciate any past experience! Im trying to figure out how I would juggle hours at two jobs and go to school AND study but it should work out! I thank god for weekend overnight hospital work
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    Hey Jessika12gold is your application completed as of yet. I'm waiting on my child abuse clearance. I'm so nervous, I really hope I can get a seat.
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    So I heard the lowest TEAS score they took was a 72...
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    Well, LPN's 5 more days and we are on our way to 210 in the fall!! Woot woot!!!