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Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to CCAC for this upcoming Spring semester. What were your stats when you applied? What campus did you select? What are your nursing goals? I applied with a 3.8 GPA with Micro... Read More

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    How many ppl are excepted between all three campuses? Some one said 80 but that's not including calu..?

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    40 at cal 160 at ccac
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    Really? Wow I was thinking it was 80 total for ccac Nice!! :-) relieved to find out it is more than I thought, also if u don't mind me asking who told you that ?
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    anyone get their mail yet today?
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    Amber reed! I call her all the time she prob hates me lol
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    My mail doesn't come till 5!
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    Dang 700 to 160. Whew!!! It's crazy how many people apply to ccac. Did anyone apply anywhere else?
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    Nothing in my mail today...
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    I'm.taking the psb test next week at st.Margarets as a back up. Last semester 1300 ppl applied to ccac its insane!
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    Well it wouldn't be 700 to 160 more cause at least 200 of those applied to cal. I applied to all of the campuses including cal. I'm nervous cause my cumm is only 3.229 but I have all my per req out of the way except micro and I'm in a&p2 right now at cal

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