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Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to CCAC for this upcoming Spring semester. What were your stats when you applied? What campus did you select? What are your nursing goals? I... Read More

  1. by   ericarenee86
    Yea after I thought about it I am deciding not to appeal. I went to boyce today and spoke to a advisor . He basically told me that even though your transcript reads a certain gpa that they remove the remedial classes like math80 ect and calculate your gpa that way. I asked him why the application does that state that? He didn't have an answer for me. Suprised?! Not at all ccac does whatever they want. He also told me that if my application happened to arrive the same day that other applications with the same gpa , that my application was likely placed in a "box in the corner" Nice! What the heck is wrong with this school? I'm done throwing my hard earned money down the toliet. I do not get any aid whatsoever. I'm done playing there games!!
  2. by   ericarenee86
    Also for those of you asking about a waiting list I talked to the sec for the dean of nursing. There is not an official waiting list. But if a student does not accept the seat, then the next person with the highest gpa and classes completed would be offered that seat.
  3. by   ericarenee86
    Quote from laxbam7
    Not to sound bitter but I really don't think it's fair that students who do not have the pre-reqs get in. When their are candidates who have everything complete. I am fairly new to PA. I have over 100 credits completed from other Uni's and am well qualified. I want them to bring back the entrance exam. Anyone know what other schools have classes/clinical's offered in evenings?
    I agree with you about the entrance exam I am from Michigan and they did the samething rhere, and did away with entrance test , now our community colleges there have over a three yr waiting list. Looks like ccac is headed the same way :-(
  4. by   ericarenee86
    If you want to appeal you need to call the dean of nursing's office they will email you the instructions. I called today and they emailed me the form right away. But afte I spoke to an advisor I decided not to appeal and waste my time. I feel like We are applying to Harvard, simply blind blowing. Also I know a student is currently in the boyce program and they started with 70 students and now there are 26 students left. The more I think about it there has got to be a reason so many ppl either quit or get dismissed, maybe if they gave the students a chance that have all of there pre and co requisites done maybe there enrollment rate would actually be maintained.
  5. by   belchel
    Could you email me that form???
  6. by   ericarenee86
    i can post it on here its not really a form just instructions.
  7. by   ericarenee86
    Spring 2013 Nursing Admission Appeal Process
    (Please read in its entirety)
    Students who wish to appeal may do so by submitting a written request to have their files reconsidered. These requests must include the following:
    - your reason for appealing our decision;
    - what you feel was overlooked in the review of your file (if anything); and
    - documentation to support your reason for appeal. (For example, if you were denied for not having completed chemistry prior to the application deadline, you may provide transcripts showing otherwise.)
    Appeal letters may be submitted electronically or by mail. Electronic correspondence should be addressed to both the Dean of Nursing, Kathy Mayle at AND the Nursing Admissions Coordinator, Amber Reed at Mail correspondence should be addressed to:
    CCAC- Dean of Nursing
    Office of College Services
    800 Allegheny Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233
    Appeals are due no later than November 14, 2012. Students will be notified of appeal decisions by November 21, 2012. All decisions are final. PLEASE NOTE: Students who win their appeal must still be ranked based on application score to determine if the score was high enough for entry into one of our campuses. Students who win their appeal, but have lower scores than other eligible applicants cannot be admitted. For example, if a student was denied because he/she had not completed MAT 090, but provide proof that the course was indeed completed before the deadline, the student will then be moved from the ineligible list to the eligible list and then ranked with the other eligible students.However, the application score must be considered as there are 400 eligible students who did not get a seat at any campus, thus we cannot skip over more qualified applicants.
  8. by   belchel
    Thank you!!
  9. by   babser
    Quote from PghGirl7
    I understand your bitterness, but I do have all my pre-reqs done. It's the co-reqs I'm working on. How would it be fair that I busted my butt getting all A's to get turned down because a C student completed all the co-reqs. That's why they do give bonus points to your GPA to help you get into the program for taking classes you did t have to yet. Unfortunately, someone who didn't compete all co-reqs still had a higher GPA than you with your bonus points. It happens. I'm sorry you didn't get in, but it's over 700 applicants fighting for less than 300 seats.
    Just so you know... I understand both sides. Just because you have a lower GPA doesn't mean you are a C student. Mine is low because I've only had 3 classes at CCAC (will be 5 after this semester). I bust my butt and got an A, B (just missed an A) and one C. That one C is what pulled my GPA down. All the other classes transfered in from my previous degree and they were all A's. However it's CCAC's GPA that counts.
  10. by   ericarenee86
    Quote from belchel
    Thank you!!
    no problem:-)
  11. by   isamari
    Hi everyone. i applied with a GPA of 3.67 and A&P 1, microbiology completed with As and currently taking A&P 2 and i was denied, because people who placed before me got all the sits. I thought it was based on grades not on who sent their applications first. frustrated :/
  12. by   ckuczynski
    To answer an earlier question ... I have a 4.0 with A&P 1 and 2 complete (which would give me a 5.75 out of 6.25 based on CCAC's points program). I'm currently taking Micro and Algebra 108. I got accepted into the Allegheny evening program, and only have English 102 left to complete after this semester. I turned in my application on the last day, so that doesn't have anything to do with acceptance. I hope that anyone who got a denial letter either appeals or applies for fall! Good luck to you all.
  13. by   kmoty01
    i wonder when we'll get our information packets?