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  1. Hi. I Was wondering if there was anyone else out there who applied to the CCAC nursing program for spring 2014 start? I received my acceptance letter to Boyce Campus Daylight today. Are there any future class mates? Does anyone have anything to say about the program? Any suggestions?
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  3. by   Rnfun
    Hello Has anyone received a packet yet? I am getting anxious. I sent my acceptance letter back as soon as I received it. I have been accepted into the Allegheny Day program. I signed up for the CPR class at CCAC on Nov 8th. Besides that, I really want to start the rest of the process but I have a lot of questions. I recently sent my FBI and child abuse clearances for my current job and should receive them back soon. I want to know if I can use those or if I have to do it differently for CCAC. I will need to take off of work for the orientation and/or the meeting with advisors and need to plan ahead for it because of the job schedule I am currently trying to juggle.

    Congrats to all on being accepted! I cannot wait to start.
  4. by   mrsralph
    Hi!! Congrats! I'm wondering if my CPR from my job would work?! I'm already in healthcare we renew our CPR every two years. I talked to ***** **** and she told me not to expect any packets until all appeals are completed. I'm guessing we won't get anything until the end of the month, hopefully sooner. And you should be able to use those I'm sending for my background check, child act clearance, and finger printing this week. I was told they will not take anything unless it's after the date of your acceptance letter. Our orientation dates should be in the packet when we receive them it would be nice to get them soon so we can plan ahead of time ugh!!! Lol
  5. by   Rnfun
    Well. My CCAC Nursing School experience has started out as I expected. I heard they were unorganized but did not expect to be hung up on when I called to ask a question :/ The deans secretary was very rude. I simply called to ask if my TB test that I have to complete tomorrow will be sufficient. She said no, it has to be done after I receive the packet. I asked her if she knew if it was ok to have 2 tests about one month apart. She said I would have to ask my doctor (fair enough, I understand that). And became very rude and when I asked her name she huffily hung up. If they would get on top of their work and not slack so much they wouldn't have 2,000 future students calling each day. I'm not happy.
  6. by   Rnfun
    Thanks for your reply by the way mrsralph
  7. by   mrsralph
    I'm not surprised at all smh. I called a few weeks ago to see if the even received my seat confirmation and she was really rude. I just wanted to make sure that the secretary I gave it to was sure to give it to them and her response was "our secretary has been on top of making sure she gives us the seat confirmations when they are dropped off and I haven't had the chance to go through them" and that was it. I mean her tone and they way she said it could have been a lot nicer! They want us to wait until packets come but they aren't even giving us a time frame for when we should be receiving them. I'm ready to get started already and get things done so I can relax a little lol. I'm partway confused about a lot of things. So hopefully when our packets come things will become a lot more clear. I think you should start with your titers, physical, and clearances and wait to see what else needs done in the packet. I know the drug test and background check is done through a system they personally use. Keep in touch and let me know if you hear anything new!!!
  8. by   Rnfun
    I received the packet yesterday!! I was shocked. I hope you get yours soon!
  9. by   RaiDade
    Ok so is it ok to use previous background checks, physical,childabuse clearance, TB, and Titters from this year? Thanks for the update, I hope to get mine soon!
  10. by   RaiDade
    Welp, its after 5, no packet from the mailman today... I'm just going to relax because I know when we start its going to be hectic, so with that being said, The packet will arrive sooner or later- I'm not going to pull out anymore of my hair. LOL.
  11. by   mrsralph
    There was no mail at all today because of Columbus Day. The post offices were not delivering. I'm hoping for tomorrow.
  12. by   mrsralph
    And a few others I know in our program are anxiously waiting as well so we are not alone lol. Post when you get yours and I'll do the same!!
  13. by   RaiDade
    Thanks Mrs Ralph, my job is part to blame, there are no holidays according to them.
  14. by   RaiDade
    Ok, so the mail came today but nothing I will keep you posted.

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