Aria School of Nursing September 2012 - page 9

Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

  1. by   awarren808
    You can download the handbook @
  2. by   simplyblessed
    Oh wow, thanks Awarren!

    @ Amber, isn't this site just wonderful?! Best of luck to you too!
  3. by   awarren808
    Any news yet?
  4. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    Just curious, does anyone know anything about the schools financial aid system? Scholarships or anything like that? And does this down payment I keep hearing about have to be paid by us right away even if we need financial aid. Thanks!
  5. by   awarren808
    I not sure about scholarships, my financial packet only included pell and pheaa grant. The payment is $160 to accept admission, which due like two weeks after you receive your acceptance letter. All I can say is be ready to spend some money. Background check fees, uniforms and the drug test fee are all out of pocket expenses.
  6. by   PhilliesGirl05
    Hey awarren,
    What vaccinations did you have to get that are necessary to start the program?
  7. by   awarren808
    I already had all my childhood vaccs so my dr ordered titers for everything. But I had to get a tetnus, flu shot and start the hepatitis b series. Also a 2 part tb test.
  8. by   PhilliesGirl05
    Hey, what do you mean they had to order titers for all childhood vaccinations? Just preparing myself for this vaccination process! ha
  9. by   awarren808
    You need a 2 step tb test, hep b series, varicella (chicken pox), meningococcal (optional), seasonal flu shot, mmr 1 & 2, polio
  10. by   awarren808
    I switched drs and my new dr didn't have my complete medical records, an archive request wouldn't taken a while. Titer is a blood test to make sure you have the specific antibody.
  11. by   PhilliesGirl05
    Oh okay, thank you! I think I have mostly all of them, except flu shot. blah
  12. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    Thanks for the information! I'm thinking I have alot of the vaccinations as well, but not the flu shot. Maybe I should look into getting that soon than? Might as well I guess! Any ideas on how much uniforms are? I want to be mentally prepared for this haha
  13. by   awarren808
    In december....Tops $47 eachBottoms $29-$36 eachWhite clinic lab coat $61White polo shirt $30Lab coat & polo are required. The school suggest 3 sets of scrubs.