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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

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    I asked the school about the move and did find out that it will be in next few weeks and is supposed to be completed by May. In regards to the Decision letters, they will be going out "shortly" was all I was told about that!
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    Btw Hi Ashley and mytime211!
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    I am so excited to hear about your acceptances! Please keep us all informed! I am upset to hear there wont be an accepted students day...but I guess with their move, it's been pretty hectic for them over there. As for these psu classes, do we HAVE to take the psu classes towards the associates such as the music and theater? If we want to continue and pursue the BSN, do we have to take those courses I wonder? That will be interesting to take a music and theater class in nursing school!
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    Philliesgirl I was wondering the same thing, if the associate classes were needed for the bsn or if you can skip them. I already have an associates in biological science...I don't need another associates degree.Well...its Friday, and my guess is if none of us have receieved acceptance letters by tomorrow...we won't hear back about acceptance until at least Tuesday. Weekends = torture!
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    Hi again everyone! I hope we can all hear good news soon!! =) I am on the edge of my seat ahhhh lol
    since there is not an accepted students day we should try to meet up if we have a reason to celebrate lol staying positive =]
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    I'm in!!!! September 2012 class here I come. <--- Me dancing around the room. You all should be hearing from them soon. I can't wait to meet everyone. I agree with Ashley...we should have our own "Accepted Students Day" and meet for a cocktail or something.
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    I GOT MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER!!!! wohooo aria here we come =) im in for cocktails haha congrats Holly!! =)
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    cheesy but facebook friends anyone? haha Ashley Drake if ya wanna add me lol
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    So for those of you still waiting to here back...and like lots of details. They mailed my acceptance letter on March 29th and I received it March 31st. The application "retainer fee" is $160 and for me it is due April 6th. Ouch! The other stuff isn't due until after they receive this this fee.
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    YAY!! Congrats ladies!! SO excited to meet you all I am Kristin by the way!
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    Now I know at least 3 (and counting :-) ) of my classmates
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    Ashley I can't find you on FB...add me Ayanna S. Warren