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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

  1. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    Do you know if these have to be purchased through the school?
  2. by   awarren808
    No, through Dove Appareal.
  3. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Hello everyone my name is Holly Parker. I applied to Aria School of Nursing for September 2012 also. I was told by Julie that the deadline for the application paperwork was March 15th, not March 1. (Also, the application packet says March 15, but not the website.) I wonder if this will affect the date we will hear back about acceptance?

    I was glad the deadline was later because I hit a personal rough spot in February... and I temporarily forgot I needed to send in my essay and transcripts and it was the last week of February. I was a bit bummed I didn't have time to set up an interview with Julie, although I did speak with her on the phone. Everyone on the forums makes that sound like a school interview is the best way to sway the school in your favor. Oh well. I'm hoping for the best, but nervous knowing there are 400 applicants. "Speaking it into existence" as you have said!!!

    These blogs have really helped me know what to expect and learn how to maneuver through the application process. (Like logging into the applicant checklist) Nice! I'm praying I get in and trying to put my fear and anxiety in God's hands. I began the process of taking pre-reqs 5 years ago after my first child was born. Three colleges and two kids I am applying nursing schools...finally. Aria is definitely #1 on my list.
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  4. by   awarren808
    Hi Holly :-) hopefully you guys don't have much longer to wait for a decision.
  5. by   YYKS
    Hi everyone!
    I just started Aria in January and i can't believe we are done with out first semester in only two weeks. WOW!
    I was just like all of you, waiting for my letter, checking websites every day, hoping for any answer at all. Trust me = it is all worth it!. Good luck to you all and hope you get all your Accepted letters soon!!.
    If you have any questions for me= let me know. I'll try to help as best as i can.

  6. by   awarren808
    Hey YYKS! How was your first term? Still wishing I started with you guys in January, but I'll be there in September :-). Did you hear anything about exactly when they're moving the campus and changing to a BSN program? Also did they change the color of the scrubs?
  7. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Hi YYKS!

    Thanks for the encouragement. We're all waiting to join you soon! I hope all of the semesters will fly by as fast as yours. Aria SON must be keeping you busy. How is the first semester at Aria SON---harder or easier then expected? Please do update us on when the school will be moving to the new campus and the BSN program!

    Yes I can't wait to get my acceptance letter. My application status is finally under RAP review! (Yay!) It seems like my whole life is hinging on this moment. So nervous and eager to find out....and get into the program.
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  8. by   FinallyRNStatus
    Just curious...why don't more of you have your pictures posted? So we will know each others faces when we meet. I saw someone had the idea to add each other on fb. I'm all about building a network of students where we can support each other. We're in this together!!! Right?

    Step 1.) Get Accepted
  9. by   awarren808
    I consider posting my pic after I saw yours...I think its a great idea. We should know each by face, accepted student day is right around the corner. :-) Going crazy waiting for September!
  10. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    Hello holly! I feel the exact same way as you.. Completely nervous and just very eager to find out if I'll be accepted! Also I wanted to say that I think adding our pictures on here is a great idea! We should all be familiar with each others faces. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook that would be fantastic as well! You can find me under my name, amber Schaible. Amber Schaible | Facebook. I will definitely add my picture to here later!
  11. by   awarren808
    I just took a look at the application, and school did change the paperwork deadline to the 15th. So you guys will probably get your letters in the first week of April, since accepted student day is in the 2nd week of April. We didn't receive our letters until the 2nd week of October.
  12. by   fitnessgirl
    Hey! Has anyone heard anything yet? I'm so nervous!!
  13. by   AspiringNurse_Amber
    What is accepted student day?