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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012 academic year.... Read More

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    I met her at the October open house, she really is nice. It would be great to be classmates! Especially when you know someone is as passionate about it the same thing you are.

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    Hi everyone! Sorry I havent had time to get back on here lately and update you on how my TEAS test went but here I am! I scored an overall score of 68%. When I got in there, I was thinking the required score was a 70% but then they said that since version V of the TEAS is much harder than the earlier versions, they lowered it to 60%. So with that being said, I'm happy I got atleast what they want, but I thought for sure I would do better.
    The science portion of mine was insane. I was extremely disappointed in the ATI study guide because basically nothing in there was on my test. So the science is what I scored the lowest in which brought my overall score down. I have been reading previous comments and I see some of you said that you also scored in the sixties and was told that was good. I have not talked to Julie about my score yet, but this makes me feel better that she already told other people that they did good. Now I guess I play the waiting game! lol.
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    Hi Amber!

    I know the test was really a surprise in some areas! I'm on pins and needles and can't wait to find out if we're in?!?!?! I need to stop looking at my application checklist daily lol! :-)
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    I feel the exact same way! I am so nervous to find out and I also keep looking at my checklist. Keep me updated!
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    Hello everyone!! I've taken my teas exam today. I am super nervous because I received a 66 on the exam. I bombed on the reading section (which caused my grade to be lowered) because i didn't pace myself I haven't given up hope though. I still have my fingers crossed.
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    Hi Warren!

    Congrats on your acceptance. What was your teas exam score and what was yor gpa?
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    Hi Amber!

    I scored a 66% on the exam. I'm dissappointed because I did well on the science but screwed up on the reading section because I didn't pace myself. I am extra nervous now. I feel better knowing that she doesn't consider a 66 to be bad. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!
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    @ Amber - I actually have an interview with Julie this week, I am so looking forward to it because it gives me a chance to really talk to her and put my best foot forward. I know a lot of girls from my A&P class are applying for Jefferson, but I just completely fell in love with Aria and that is where I want to be. The NCLEX-Pass rate, campus, history and hospital affiliations sold me.

    @ Joyus Hi! Don't feel bad about the test. Julie said that it is only part of the application process there are many other factors weighed in. Why don't you schedule and interview to talk to her and maybe she can give you a better idea of how they really use the TEAS test to score applicants? I don't think everyone takes advantage of the fact that you can do that. It may help to reassure you a bit if you speak to her; and you can also sell her on the great points about you that may not be reflected in your score. That is what I plan to do! But hurry if you want an interview you need to have it done before March 1!!
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    @SimplyBlessed, is the interview just with Julie? Is that who everyone interviews with and is it possible that it could improve your chances of getting accepted do you think? I'll probably try to schedule an interview this week, please let me know how yours goes!!

    @Joyous-Bella, I am also disappointed in my score but I keep reminding myself that the score that they wanted was once a 70 but they took it down to 60 because they even know that this new version of the teas is really difficult! So we both got higher than that so that is good!! I hope we both get in, and I think we stand a good chance even though we would have liked our score to be higher. I also didnt do very well pacing myself either.
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    I do believe that the interview is just with Julie. She told us at the October orientation that it was good to schedule an interview with her because she can actually help give good points when they are going over all the applicants. It's almost like having someone from within the school on your side. I would say it would definitely improve your chances of getting in because if they are on the fence about you and someone else and Julie knows a little bit more about you she can advocate for you. I would definitely reach out to her this week and schedule something.

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