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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012 academic year.... Read More

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    @ Candi -Yes, micro A&P 2 and 2 other classes that is a really full load. Keep pushing through it! I'll look for you on fb. My laptop recently died too, but I forked over a lot of dough to have all my old files transfered to my new desktop.

    I'll add you on fb for sure.
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    So say a student has a lot of pre-reqs that transfer in. Is it possible to complete some of the BSN classes you would take at psu during the nursing program so that you finish in less time?
  3. 0 can skip the psu rotations and graduate early. In my case I took all of the college courses except micro and phramacology so jackie for psu said I'll have the option to take classes towards my bsn
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    Oh thats nice. I'm hoping they take most of my classes. I took them out of state though in CO and CA. So I'm not sure how those will transfer. My classes are accepted at all nursing programs in the West based on inter-state school agreements.

    I wonder how many students at this school that are accepted graduate from the program. Does anyone know Aria's pass/fail statistics?

    I'm wondering because I'm trying gauge the difficulty of this particular nursing program. I don't want to work, but finances will be strained having to pay for childcare/gas for days I go to class. I have two kids plus appx. a 1 hour commute each way to the campus, which will also take up much of my time. Does anyone in the program have kids and work part-time at Aria SON?
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    @ Holly, I think I read in some of the past threads that there were some students who were able to work part time and still take classes. When I had my interview Julie did say that it is pretty intense and the course load would pretty much be like taking a full-time job. But I think that as long as you have a good support system and dedicated study hours you stand a very good chance of working through the program.

    My husband and I discussed it and I won't be working while in school. I've tried it before and burn out, while others do it without a hitch. Everyone has a different strength! Best of luck in whatever you decide to do! I see that you have an hour commute do you live in Pennsylvania or NJ? I'm coming right over the Betsy Ross Bridge and Julie said the new facility is just another 10 minutes on top of my current commute.

    I was also wondering if we can take the four psu BSN classes while at ARIA to finish all at one time, but I was told that we couldn't because we have to have the RN license to take those courses. But I asked someone at the open house and forgot to ask that question and the interview. I'll ask again to be sure, because like you and awarren, I would love to have everything completed early!
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    double post
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    @ Candi. That's exactly how I feel about working. I'm definitely one of those people that get burnt out...not to mention super stressed out during finals, which we will have every trimester!!! My husband and I have discussed it too and we are leaning toward me not working. We just need to find a way to pay the bills while I'm unemployed. If I decide to work, my new job will have to agree to only schedule me fri/sat. As soon as my grades start suffering, the job will be the first thing to go!

    Oh, I live in Hammonton, NJ. Its about 45min. w/o traffic to Aria's current campus. I'll be coming over the Walt Witman Bridge. So hopefully it will only be 10 min. more for me too.

    I was wondering if PSU had a requirement like that. Even still, Aria's year round trimester format it is pretty much set up like an accelerated BSN program, most of which are 3 years long with 17-20 units each semester/trimester. I actually only considered schools where I could get my RN license first, than move on to my BSN. With only 4 additional classes to take at PSU after graduation, I'm getting the best of both worlds at Aria. Most RN-BSN programs require a 30 credit minimum to be taken at their college ... regardless of if you have the same classes completed for a BSN degree. It's all about making the $ in exchange for a piece of paper!
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    I'm actually on the fence about working while in school. Working was actually one of the reason I wasn't 100% successful studying biology at psu. I bacially only going to work for the benefits since we have to maintain health insurance. But like Parker the minute my grades suffer-I quit!
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    Candi I've searched for your name on fb and nothing comes up. FB and I don't get along. Try adding me when you get a chance!
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    @ Awarren I feel you. Working FT is the reason I ended up with all B's in my hard sciences. It was too hard to manage everything. You really got to sacrifice and put your life on hold to guarantee all A's.

    My kids are growing up before my eyes and I barely have time to stop and enjoy it. My 2 & 5 year old will be 5 & 8 when I get done at Aria if I start this September. Crazy!

    I can't get all those years back to enjoy with them and that saddens me. But for those of us with kids its important to remember we are making these sacrifices for our children too. So they will have a better life and we can provide for them in ways we wouldn't be able to now. I want to be in a job that I enjoy and that makes me happy everyday...not one that I dread and barely puts food on the table!!! Ughh. :b

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