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I applied a month or so ago to the ACE program at Drexel for Spring 2012 and found out today that I've been accepted! I wasn't expecting to hear back from them so soon, but I'm not complaining! Anyone else out there who has... Read More

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    hey everyone. did anyone apply after the april 15th deadline and get a decision yet?? I know that if you apply after the deadline then its a rolling basis.. I finally just sent in my last transcript because I was waiting on one pre-requisite... also has anyone gotten in with just 1 science pre-req completed at time of application? Any information would be helpful! Thank you

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    I applied on May 17 and got the acceptance letter after 2~3weeks from that. (First week of June!) I didn't know april 15 was the deadline lol. When did you apply? From what i know, the program fills up quickly. And for the pre-req courses, you will have higher chance of acceptance if you completed most of pre-reqs. I completed all my pre-reqs at the time of application except one course. (I think ethics?)
    Anyway hope this helps!
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    yea I kno they want you to have majority of your prereqs completed. They focus more on the sciences. The advisor their told me she would still be reviewing applications for months. But I think it really depends on how many prereqs are completed. Just call and ask they are very helpful and straightforward.
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    Hey!! I applied April 28th or so and found out June 9th I was accepted. I was shocked to hear back so quick. I still haven't got my letter but i got my online acceptance. I'm just finishing up my last class for my BA now at Rutgers. I'm so excited to meet all of you! Its going to be an awesome 11 months (=
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    Congrats to all that have gotten accepted! For those who will be attending next spring, are you doing on campus or off campus housing? I realized that a housing deposit has to be sumitted with the regular deposit.
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    i put the housing deposit down just in case i don't find off campus housing that is suitable. drexel told me you can choose to pay your housing deposit separately later on the website if you want to do that. i just paid it for now because we can get a refund as long as it is before the deadline . also, on campus housing would be super convenient ! i just need to find out where i can park =(
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    hey everyone!!!!! i just checked online and it says "CONGRATULATIONS! Drexel University is pleased to offer you admission. An official acceptance letter has been sent to you by mail."... however it doesnt mention the ACE program.. does this mean i got accepted into that specific program or just to the school...? did everyone's say the same thing as mine? thanks
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    this is what it said on top:

    Application Summary:
    Program: Bachelor of Science in Accelerated Career Entry BSN
    Co-op Option:
    College: Nursing & Health Professions
    Starting Term: Spring Quarter 11-12
    Student Type: Full-Time Transfer

    does yours say that?
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    Hi guys, does anyone know if Drexel requires the high school transcript for this program? And do they accept unofficial transcripts to evaluate if I am waiting on my school for the official ones? thanks

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