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  1. by   jemadi33
    Congrats to your daughter! I hear that South has a much better program than Allegheny, so it should be worth the drive.
  2. by   sewnmom
    Well I am at Allegheny and I like it. All the campuses do things differently. Both of us have the same goal = RN.
  3. by   kay0324
    Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it!! I have been working for UPMC for 5 years so thankfully I have been exposed to a lot but I know its a never ending journey, I have sooo much to learn, and I will never stop learning!! I am ready to give up everything as this is now my main focus! I am just glad I finally have the chance .. Do you know how long it took to recieve your packet after you were accepted. I am so anxious
  4. by   kay0324
    @neverbethesame I tried to send you a personal message but it isn't letting me for some reason! I don't want you to think I am ignoring you.
  5. by   angelalala
    I'm really worried about not being able to afford all the stuff we have to do in time:/ I'm going to have to find someone to borrow money from. Ugh.
  6. by   sewnmom
    the basic scrub set (one pants, one top and one lab jacket) is around $80. shoes you can look around for all white. get comfortable ones.

    for stethoscope- the bookstore actually has a nice one that you can buy that has the penlight and the scissors in it. it has a crappy pen and a ruler. a good deal for about $20.

    the clearances are $10, $10 and $27.[font="calibri"]

    not sure what your vaccines and dr. appt will cost. there are clinics and you can go to the health department to get your vaccines. there are a few places they give you in the paperwork that do discounted drug testing.

    books - since they are changing the curriculum not sure how it will work. they said they are only changing the fundamentals book and that is it. they are going with one publisher now so you can save enough money on the package to get a free text book. for 101 (which is now referred to as 110 and 120), i was told to get the physical assessment book, the fundamentals book and the pharmacology book (drug therapy). i got the study guides for each and they helped. the assessment book didnt have a study guide but it had a clinical companion i took to clinicals.
    also you will need a medical dictionary. i have tabers. a few classmates have stedman. either will work.
    the davis drug book is a must. i got the drug cards (mediquick) from lww and they are good too - i prefer the book.
    the laboratory value book was required but i have never opened it. it came in a package at the book store with the dictionary and drug book. i got the lab value book at half price books and the other two books online - spent half of what they wanted in the bookstore. not sure if you will have to purchase a drug calc book or not.

    note: if you are at half price books and see any of the "incredibly easy" books, ie fluid/electrolyte balance, dosage calcs, etc...they are really good.
    the spiral rn notes are really nice - they tell you to get one. i never use mine. my classmates used it since i had it with me.

    get a heavy duty sturdy 2" binder if you plan to keep everything together. i found that easier.
  7. by   kay0324
    Thanks for all the info ..I have my finger prints and all my clearances done because I had to get them for upmc I wonder if they would accept those would probably be easier to just get them done all over again. Huh? I really appreciate you sharing with us
  8. by   sewnmom
    It has to be within six months of your start date (aug. 20). My daughter had them because she is a coach - hers were a few weeks outside of the limit so we just renewed them all.
  9. by   kay0324
    Thanks again for all the info and your help
  10. by   angelalala
    Re clearances: I JUST had mine done in the past month for work and I have to have them done again; our packet indicates that they have to be dated AFTER our acceptance letter.
  11. by   kay0324
    Yea, I feel your pain. I had mine done a year ago, fingerprints and all, so it stinks to have to do them all over again.