Anyone else applying to P.I.T. for the January LPN program?

  1. Is anyone else applied for this program? I just want to meet other people that may be in the class with me before it starts.
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  3. by   ssmall01
    I am in the process of applying to the program for January! Do you know what scores are considered "high" on the Teas test? I mean I know their Passing scores but do not know what is considered their high scores!
  4. by   camiwannabeRN
    I actually didn't take the TEAS. I had already taken the NET RN. So, they considered my scores from that because they were considered "above average" (whatever that means). So, I really don't know what the TEAS scores mean, but if you google TEAS scores that might tell you. I've actually done all of the paperwork package, so I'm just waiting on the next acceptance letters to come out so I can have my interview. Have you gotten that far yet?
  5. by   Nellz
    Hey guys! Nice to meet u both. I Just started the process of being admitted to P.I.T. My test date is July 24th. Ive got alot of studying to do till then since I haven't taken a science or math class in 2 years. ( wish me luck!)
  6. by   camiwannabeRN
    You'll be fine just do a half hour or so worth of reveiwing everyday. You got it!
  7. by   Nellz
    Thanks! So how intense is this admissions process! Even if we pass the test with flying colors we still have a bunch of steps to take before being officially accepted. Exciting and scary at the same time lol. Are there any other programs or schools you looked into or are considering?
  8. by   camiwannabeRN
    It is a bit intense. So far I've handed in all the paperwork. Which consists of a full physical with titers. Schedule that ASAP by the way cause my blood work took 2 weeks, 2 recommendation forms that are quick and easy to fill out, federal fingerprinting (takes 5 mins once you get there), and a whole mess of stuff for you to fill out. Then once all of that is together, from what I'm told they send you out an acceptance letter if you are moving on in the process, and then you have to do an interview. From researching on here it looks like they send out the letters of full acceptance sometime in like late September early October. I'm honestly not looking anywhere else right now, if I don't get in I figure I'll figure it out from there. I'm pretty confident about this, but hey if it doesn't work out then I'll figure out something else.
  9. by   Nellz
    Wow. Lol. Yea I stopped looking after I found this school too. The 12 month program is perfect for me right now. I ll just focus on each admission phase as it comes.
  10. by   camiwannabeRN
    Well good luck and let us know how you are doing in the process. Hopefully the 3 of us will get in, and we can hang out in January.
  11. by   camiwannabeRN
    Have you guys heard anything back from them yet?
  12. by   Nellz
    No. I have to take the teas test this saturday, then we ll go from there. Not excited bout this test at all! I think the science and math will be a challenge for me. So fingers crossed! Lol Have u finished all phases of the admissions process?
  13. by   Nellz
    Took the Teas today. What are passing scores? I got a total score of 70.6 but dont they look at individual scores too?
  14. by   FutureRNVaNess
    I will be attending the Jan.2011 also I take the TEAS test Aug.7th