Anyone accepted to Roxborough Memorial SON?

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    Hello, I recently found out that I was accepted for August 1 start. :heartbeat Is there anyone else out there? I think I am 95% sure that i will be attending but this is the only school I heard back from so far. Just wanted to talk with some of you to piece some of the info together!

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    Hi! I have also been accepted for the August 2011 class! I am just in the process of moving to the area and trying to figure out financial aid.
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    Yippee!! Congrats to you. I am so excited. It's all I think about . At least there is one person we each will know when we arrive. Have you recieved your letter yet? I haven't but I just found out last thursday. So I am assuming it will have the financial aid info there. I think I will complete my FAFSA tonight as it needs to be done by 4/30 to be considered for the PELL grant.
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    Congratulations to you too!! I know what you mean about it being all you think about. Yeah, I met with Patti in the beginning of March and received my letter shortly after. They are pretty fast about everything.
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    Thanks! Did you get info as well about financial aid or just the letter of acceptance? I was wondering if I should wait or just do it tonight while I have time. Hopefully the letter will be in my box today!
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    Hey! Congrats to both of you I was accepted as well for the August 1st start excited !!!! I'm bringing up my money tomorrow for matriculation so I can get my financial aid info. Gonna be a crazy 21 months. Are either of you thinking about transferring to Jefferson after the RN so you can get your BSN as well? And are you going to the reviews they are having in June and July?

    Hope to meet both of you soon!

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    Hi everybody! I was also accepted for the Fall 2011 class!!! I'm so excited
    I'm not from Philadelphia, so I'm in the process of looking for an apartment/roomates close to the hospital.
    Do any of you have any leads on that???
    At any rate, I'm so glad I fell across this post!
    Excited for the next 2 years, and excited to meet you all

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    Congrats to all of you! I do plan to attend the reviews. Every little bit counts. I hope to attend Jeffs bridge program after RMH but at this point I just hope I make it through this I am so nervous. I hear so many stories of people who don't make it and it scares me. Yikes!

    Okay, enough of me being a Debbie downer. Did you guys get any further correspondance? When should we purchase the uniform? Some of the stuff they have on the web is from this current year.

    Not sure of any specific places but Roxborough, Manyunk, Plymouth Meeting, Andorra are all close by,very nice neighborhoods and full of apartments. Good luck. Where are you relocating from?
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    Hey thanks for your reply! I'm from Lancaster, and I'm totally unfamiliar with Philly.
    @ Chelsea--I agree, the next 21 months WILL be crazy
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    HELLO ALL!!!! I am so happy to find you guys!! I too was hoping to find other people that will be attending Roxborough SON starting this summer'11....I'm also wondering what the next step is.....already submitted my financial aid app and matriculation fee was done since March.....eagerly excited....can't wait to start!!!..

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