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Hello, I recently found out that I was accepted for August 1 start. :heartbeat Is there anyone else out there? I think I am 95% sure that i will be attending but this is the only school I heard back... Read More

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    Quote from YanaR
    Hi, everyone! Do you guys know if we need to bring cash only or credit card is fine For purchasing a uniform at the orientation next week?
    Hey Yana. I'm not sure about the uniforms. I actually do not plan on buying them that day. I will get their info & address and buy them later.
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    That's a good idea :-) we'll see what options they will offer to us
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    Hey everyone,

    I created a facebook group. I figured it will make it easier to communicate so maybe we can help each other out!
    The group is called Roxborough Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Class of 2015. I have never created a group. So hopefully it works!
    Just an FYI -- You might want to consider changing your group name so it doesn't mention Roxborough SON. The school specifically asked (more like told) us to change the name of our FB group for the class of 2013 - they don't want anything unofficially tying them to social media. Just a heads up. Good luck!
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    Ok thank you for the heads up! I appreciate it.
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    ok so let me start by saying I am new to this and I have no idea how it works so hopefully i get this right lol......

    So I have applied to Roxborough SON. I got a call from patti and we're just waiting for me to finish this semester for transcripts and all that good stuff.
    As far as the school/teachers/lectures/tests/practice/etc... How do you guys like it?
    I'm trying to start in the next class which I believe patti said it starts in Aug. Is anyone else looking for August start as well?
  6. by   darkbeauty
    Hi everyone.
    I was just browsing through Roxborough SON website and its requirements. I don't see a TEAS test requirement component. Does this mean they don't do TEAS? Also, I recognise 2.5 GPA minimum required, how competitive is it to get in? I've also noticed that they now require math (College Algebra). Is that Statistics or Algebra or Statistics alone? Is it the MAT 118 or the Statistic math at CCP>? Would love to hear from u guys. ThankYou!
  7. by   cazach0122
    I felt like admission to Roxborough was less competitive than other nursing schools but that's hard to say objectively, especially since Rox was the only school to which I applied. They do take into account other things besides your GPA, for instance they have you write an essay and they interview you...which was something I really liked. In the interview they get to know you as a person and you can explain your academic background. I had a 3.2 GPA and a few repeated classes going into Rox which might not have gotten me into other schools. During my interview (which was just a sit down with Patti, very casual) I was able to explain the hardships I was going through and show how I repeated those classes to get the grades I was determined to get.
    As far as the TEAS, I think that's something they decide on a case by case basis. I did not have to take it but other students who had lower GPAs did. College algebra does not include statistics. Hope that helps.
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    hello everyone!! congrats to everyone who got accepted into RSON!! I know its such a beautiful feeling... I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they thought the teas test went? and also did anyone score below the required percentage for admissions!!!! thanks