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Hello, I recently found out that I was accepted for August 1 start. :heartbeat Is there anyone else out there? I think I am 95% sure that i will be attending but this is the only school I heard back from so far. Just wanted to... Read More

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    During the first semester you usually have at least one day off during the week, but the day varies. Can you work on the weekend? You really need to be able to keep your work schedule flexible.

    2nd semester you're lucky to get one day off...

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    Hello Melanie I was reading your post and seen that you took the Teas test as well. Do you know what the required score is though in order to get accepted in their nursing school? I am currently taking my last prerequisite right now. I have already taken the Teas test though for Abington and just made it lol... had my interview and all but they placed me on the waiting list b/c at the time of my interview I was undecided and still had some prereqs left. Oh by the way did you get into Roxborough? If so how do you like it?

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    I haven't gotten accepted into the nursing program.... But I'm not giving up! I spoke to ***********she advised me to retake the test which I will be doing soon.... I was told the score they are looking for is about a 70 :-)
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    Searched high and low for a thread for our school...I'm glad it's here!

    I attended our first orientation for the class of 2014 yesterday and I am so happy that I chose Roxborough over Abington. This is going to be an exciting, yet challenging journey but I'm ready for it.

    Feel free to reach out to me - current and former students...
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    Welcome to Rox Journee2
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    Hi! I applied to the program for this coming fall and am just trying to get a feel for the program as there are mixed reviews on here. Please let me know how things are going for all of you!
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    Hi arose!

    I recently was accepted to the nursing program at Roxborough for this upcoming summer program. If you don't mind me asking..did you ever hear back from the program? I am interested to meet other classmates so we can both figure out the process together!
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    I have my interview at Roxborough this upcoming Tuesday. Any tips for the interview. Im very excited and nervous at the same time!!
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    Hi Tub! How was your process getting in? Was your interview difficult? Did she ask difficult questions? Did she ask alot of questions?
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    hey gang. I was accepted in Roxborough SON for this upcoming fall. Im looking forward to our first orientation day in June. Hit me up if you have any questions.

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