any feedback for Global Healthcare Group LLC?

  1. I'm an RN from the Philippines and I am being signed by them after passing the phone interview. Can you please feed me some info regarding this staffing agency. I need some help before I sign the 3 yrs contract they send me. Thank you!
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Never heard of them...searched their website and state in Central part of state...maybe others have heard of them.

    Reputable homecare agency in Philadelphia + PA area I'm aware of that advertises will sponsor nurses is Bayada Home Care.
    I'd be leary of any company requiring 3 yr contract as you'd be indentured to them for that entire time.
  4. by   Raine14
    thank you so much for that information! I've seen their website and according to them they are at the top 13 agency in cental PA and that they've been in the business for 7 years. I try searching for other sites where I can see tract records or forums where there are threads about them but I have no luck. Now I'm begining to have second thought. The 3yr contrsct is sort of an issue for me too. I've been attending Immigration seminars for Filipino nurses bound for US and thats one of the NO NO's.
  5. by   annaedRN
    I personally found them very unorganized. They hired me sight unseen simply to help get a case covered. The only reason I stayed with them for even 5 months PRN is because it was 1 day a week with a patient I had been caring for 5 yrs for. They were very unprofessional - while I was filling out a few paperwork to make the hire official - the entire office went to the back of the office for a 401K meeting...without telling the 3 people in the waiting room it would be an hour before they would be back! ( We could hear the meeting and I lived an hour away so leaving and coming back later was not an option) They had 2 nurses show up for the same shift once. They had nurses that did not document any of the meds, wound care, injections, etc and nothing was done about it. I had to BEG for blank MARs for my patient - I wrote all 15 of his meds out by hand each day I worked for the 1st 2 months. They actually discharged my patient's case to another agency w/o telling me and I showed up for a shift. Never did get paid for the last shift I worked. The only good thing about them was they paid a decent wage. I heard through the grapevine that there was a few complaints lodged against them . Anyhow....that is just my experience. So just be careful!
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  6. by   Raine14
    I'm sorry to hear that dhyser, now im afraid! They are the one sponsoring my petition meaning the more reason I'm obliged to stay with them. I know somethings not right when I submitted my resume, they phoned me for interview and they send me the offer letter and employment agreement all happened in a week. Too good to be true . Well, thank you for your help!
  7. by   bubon
    is Global Healthcare Group LLC same with globalcare?
    because i am waiting for the visa applied to me through
    and i've seen pretty much undesirable posts/comments regarding
    and im starting to get worried
  8. by   kpraymundo
    please give more information about this agency. im applying here. thanks
  9. by   yulfom
    Did you pay for their services?