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Hi all, Wondering if there are any applicants to Abington Memorial Hospitals Dixon School of Nursing for the 2011 year? I originally applied for 2010 early decision, but ultimately was... Read More

  1. by   hspot
    Congrats. I am very happy for you. Unfortunately I am still on the waiting list, but hopefully I will hear something soon.
  2. by   Tneo8385
    Congrats yo. Glad to see some more day students was begining to think I was the only one
  3. by   jantunes7905
    Yeah I had switched from the evening/weekend program waitlist to the day program waitlist. I think it will turn out better doing the day option.
  4. by   RNCEN
    I am a first year student at Dixon now. Congrats to all of the members of the class of 2013! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet you next year.
  5. by   KNB3715
    congrats on your acceptance!! come join our facebook group:

  6. by   jantunes7905
    Thanks! I'm so excited and nervous!
  7. by   Tneo8385
    yea i know what you mean.
  8. by   Misskss
    Hi everyone, I also applied to DSON and been put on the waiting list. I'm taking Chemistry and Micro this semester and will be done the first week of May so hopefully everything goes well and i will get in
  9. by   Tneo8385
    Yea, just keep your head up, what program day or eve/weekend?
  10. by   Misskss
    I applied for both to give myself a better chance of getting in
  11. by   Misskss
    Just been accepted to the day program yesterday...I'm sooooo happy
  12. by   jantunes7905
    Congrats! I'm in the day program too!
  13. by   Tneo8385
    Congrats I'm in the day program as well