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Hi all, Wondering if there are any applicants to Abington Memorial Hospitals Dixon School of Nursing for the 2011 year? I originally applied for 2010 early decision, but ultimately was... Read More

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    Hello, Class of 2013! I just wanted to see if any of you were getting rid of nursing books that may be useful for class of 2014? Let me know!!
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    Quote from takemybreath316
    Hello, Class of 2013! I just wanted to see if any of you were getting rid of nursing books that may be useful for class of 2014? Let me know!!
    You can have my books if you guys are still using the same ones. I'll sell you them. Let me know!
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    That'll be great. Just got the term 1 books list and they are "Fundamentals of Nursing" (2nd edition) by Wilkinson and Treas and the other is "Conceptual Foundations: The bridge to professional Nursing Practice" (5th edition) by Creasia and Friberg.

    Let me know if you have it
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    I have the fundamentals ones. I'll sell you them for $50. I barely used them so basically brand new. The other book must be new because I don't have that one.
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    Is it the same edition? I would love to buy it off of you.
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    Yep same edition!
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    just sent a PM to you!
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    I think you'll find that most of the books will be different. The curriculum has changed dramatically for the incoming class of 2014, which I'm sure you already know. I wish you the best of luck! It is a tough program, but you will get a lot out of it. The instructors are excellent.

    I graduated in May, and just passed my boards...so they did a great job!
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    I am getting rid of my books as well if you give me the isbn 13 number from your list I can tell you if I have it. I bought all my books new and I don't mark/write in my books. I also have alot of other books along the way I am willing to part with such as the Made Incredibly Easy books. Just email me!
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    [FONT=arial black]Hey GUys!! I have Size small scrubs if anyone needs them for Dixon and i aso have the books to sell if you still need them! E-mail me and let me know and i can meet you at school! :-)
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    Welcome to Dixon School of Nursing!
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    Hello! Did anyone attend the 4 day summer enrichment course? If so how was it? What did you go over?
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    Hello mommi97,
    I know this is an old post but I'm hoping that you will see it. I've read your other posts and was hoping to get some advice? I also have 4 kids and want to pursue nursing school at Abington. I haven't applied yet. I was just wondering how the program was for you and how manageable it was with 4 kids? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!