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    I'm starting AMH - Dixon School of Nursing this August and I'm wondering if there are others who are in the program or are starting this fall as well.

    I'm excited and nervous at the same time. :spin:

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    Hi - I too will be starting at Abington this fall. Which program are you? I am in the evening weekend option. Look forward to hearing from you!
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    I'm also in the evening/weekend program at Dixon
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    Did you get your packet with the N100 info.? Which session are you going to attend? Also, are you having any issues with logging onto blackboard?
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    I received my packet with the N-100 information yesterday. I was able to login to the Blackboard after a few attempts. There is a typo in the hyperlink given in the paper and also your last name has to be entered in lowercase.

    Did you have any problems logging in?
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    Yeah, I can't log in at all. I have tried different versions and it doesn't seem to work. I emailed the school, so hopefully they can help me!
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    How is the program at abington? I have applied there and was told the acceptance letters get mailed out in march. When you applied did you have all your prereqs done?
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    I am not really sure as to when the letters are sent out. Mine was sent to me almost two years ago so I don't exactly remember. At the time that I applied, I needed to complete A & P II during the spring semester.
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    How do you like to program so far? I won't begin my prereq's until Janurary, but of course I'm still trying to make a final decision as to which nursing school I want to attend. Is the admission's criteria really hard?? And where did you do your prereq's?
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    So far the program is good. Like any other it does have its quirks. As for admission, it is VERY competitive. They receive HUNDREDS of applicants and only accept around 132 students total (66 day and 66 evening/weekend). I completed my pre reqs at various schools, mainly Montco and Bucks.

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