7 week Prerequisites

  1. Good Day My Fellow Nurses, and Aspiring Nurses!!!

    I am new to the Allnurses site, although I have been doing quite a bit of research on the site for months now. I am interested in applying for the new Second BSN program starting in Spring of 2015 @ Holy Family, and I need 4 out of the 5 prerequisites. In a nutshell I have been searching High and Low for accelerated formats OFFERED IN THE FALL 2014 semester for the following prerequisites( I have only been successful in finding these courses accelerated in the summer terms @ccp/bucks etc, but I would like to utilize Fin Aid for the Fall term):

    Anatomy & Physiology 1
    Anatomy & Physiology 2

    I was hoping to accomplish the following:

    A&P1& Nutrition 1st 7 weeks(I'm guessing most schools start between Aug/Sept)

    A&P2& Micro 2nd 7 weeks( I'm going to guess and say that this term would start between Sept/ Oct meaning I would finish by Dec the latest).

    This would in turn, make me eligible to start the program in January!!

    Help Puullleeezzzz!!! Any help is greatly appreciated, and I appreciate everyone's time😘😘
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  3. by   Gradius
    Sorry to be blunt but...

    a) You missed out by not taking at least two of these during the summer, preferably Anatomy 1 in Summer A and Anatomy 2 in Summer B. Financial Aid or not, because you didn't enroll in the Anatomies you're now in this position. Micro & Nutrition alone would have been doable for Fall but that's not what happened. b) As for your desired enrollment result, you're probably not going to find the others (since you need the respective labs) in the accelerated sequence you want but I can help you with the Nutrition class. Filter the search so that it shows HUN for the course prefix. HUN2202 to be precise.
    Credit Class Schedule - Valencia College

    You need to accept that you will be facing, at the earliest, a Fall 2015 start... trust me I've done ALL the searching imaginable when I was doing my prereqs a couple years ago. St. Petersburg College in Florida has an online Micro class AND an online lab (you buy this lab kit for $200 that gets shipped to your home and you do the labs at home) but no way is it 7 weeks, it's the full term.
  4. by   Mrsbeatty2be
    Thanks so much for your prompt response, and your assistance regarding the nutrition and online options. Unfortunately if I were able to enroll during the summer I definitely would have, but I am currently enrolled in my 1st degree program, although I have recently applied for graduation (I am finishing up my last two classes which end July 27th) this is why I was searching for a fall option being as though I have utilized my spring/summer fin. Aid with my current degree program. I pretty much wanted to continue on with no breaks:-) I thought that there were some schools that solely run on 7/8week semesters, I know Holy family has 5 week sessions, Which I will be looking into Monday, but I really don't understand why 7/8 week options aren't available outside of the summer semesters. I know Bucks County Community College offers a 5 week A&P 1&2, Micro and nutrition, but I thought 5 weeks was a little too condensed and not to mention I would have no financial aid options in the summer. Bucks actually starts their last summer semester Monday the 7th:-) If I were able to pay out of pocket, I would have made an attempt to take those courses this summer. I guess I will have to keep searching:-( thanks again for your help.