2013 Cohort TJU FACT Students!!!

  1. Hello y'all,

    I was accepted into the 2013 cohort (starting so soon!). I figured I'd start this topic to ask each other questions and helping each other out in prepping for this program.

    Also wondering if people would like to start a 2013 cohort FB page for easy communication when classes start?

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  3. by   sinbadx81
    There's a FB page here with some discussion going on already:


    OR search "Jefferson FACT Class of 2013-2014"
  4. by   seb246
    Do you guys know if their admission stats are posted anywhere or any info on what they focus on in the application?
  5. by   Mariachi
    I don't know about admission stats, but you can try Mark Chalmers the admissions counselors. (mark.chalmers@jefferson.edu)

    I'm not sure on their focus either. A solid GPA (say above 3.5) will keep you competitive though a low will not cut you out if you have other strengths. Health care experience or a biology background may help, but many members of the class do no have any experience so it will not hurt you either if you're lacking. Basically, as with any college, make sure you have a balanced portfolio. If you have weaknesses, make up for them elsewhere (e.g., if you have a low GPA, try to get some experience/volunteer work in a hospital). Your interview is a time to explain anything and prove you've got what it takes to enter the program.

    Best of luck!