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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

  1. by   NNPwannabe
    The health requirements,drug testing and fingerprinting does not have to be completed until July 13th. However, the background checks and child abuse clearance has to be done before orientation because you have to bring your registration number and your state police check results with you to orientation so they can look at it. Make sure you make extra copies of your results to keep for yourself because they will mostly likely keep the copy that you show them and its good to have a backup in case they should so happen to lose something lol. The background checks come back pretty fast, but the child abuse can take awhile because they mail it to you so its better to get that started sooner rather than later.
  2. by   pazuzu
    Ah okay, makes sense.

    So many things they want us to do! lol
  3. by   bcolli11
    Haven't posted on here in a while due to the fact that I was rejected for a low point score. HOWEVER, being the ambitious and persistent person that I am, I decided to appeal on the grounds that I'm excatly what this program is looking for and a huge mistake was made on there part to reject me. As god/luck/whatever you may believe would have it, I got in and my cirriculum was changed to nursing today !!!!!!

    See you all in the FAll !!!!!!!
  4. by   NNPwannabe
    bcolli11 that is amazing! congrats!!
  5. by   ManScrubz
    that's excellant bruh...keep that mindset in everything you do...see most people would have given up...being persistent is never a bad thing in my book...besides...you are a man...not saying thats why you got in because im sure character is everything but there is a really strong need for males in nursing. good luck with the rest of the process and ill be looking forward to seeing you in fall...PEACE
  6. by   bcolli11
    Thanks I really was worried ... I was thinking the same thing when I got my orientation packet
  7. by   bcolli11
    Same here man ... And I appreciate all ur advice ; words of encouragement can really go along way !!!! Will u be at orientation ??
  8. by   bcolli11
    Just a general question for everyone: What classes are you all taking in the fall ? I only have one but I'm not sure if I I should take more or what ? So far I just have nursing 101 and how do u sign up for clinical times ? ... I didn't see an option that would lead to that in my ccp so was just wondering ... Reposes immensely appreciated
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  9. by   NNPwannabe
    I'm only taking nursing 101 in the fall because I heard the workload is really difficult Its best not to take additional classes if you really dont need to. For nursing 101 you should be registered for four components-lecture, lab, seminar and clinical. To sign up for clinical you have to scroll down towards the bottom of the page to where it says off campus sites (or something like that) and select an open clinical section. They dont have times listed so you just select whatever section you want. Most likely everyone's clinical time will be thursdays and fridays 7am-1pm. If there are alternate clinical times they will let everyone know once school starts and you have to volunteer to get an alternate time. Dont worry if you are unsure whether you registered correctly. They will help you register at orientation and you can have them check your classes to make sure you didnt miss anything.
  10. by   bcolli11
    Thank you so much ... I see where I missed it ! Do u know what color our scrubs have to be ? I've been searching but can't find it ... Random I know but I'm really excited to get started !!!
  11. by   NNPwannabe
    omg the scrubs are soooo ugly! lol. you have to buy the ones from the school. the top is like a sky blue color with a white collar and the bottoms are just plain navy blue. you also have to buy a scrub jacket which is also light blue. you could probably get away with buying your own navy blue scrub pants and then just get the top and jacket from the school, but i'd wait until after orientation so you can see what everything looks like. you will get fitted for the uniform at orientation and you can try on uniform samples so you know what size to order.
  12. by   pazuzu
    Our scrubs actually have "Community College of Philadelphia" written on it right? Or, at least the top.
  13. by   NNPwannabe
    yeah the top and the jacket have the school patch on them. if anyone has facebook there is a group called "community college of philadelphia nursing alumni" if you click on the photos there are a few pics of people in the school uniform.