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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

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    All of the people on this forum applied extremely early and took their AHT either before the beginning of this year or right at the beginning of the year. Since you didn't take your test until the middle of February I wouldn't expect to hear anything for a little while. All of us that are attached to this forum sent our deposits in accepting our acceptance before mid February and we haven't received anything since doing that. You also have to remember Spring Break was 2 weeks ago which delays everything, and the school has been in meetings trying not to go on strike. The school is still in negotiations about striking but as of right now school is in session. That being said I know someone else who got an 8 and got denied acceptance. I'm not sure why she didn't get it but there must have been a reason. I told her to go talk to the counselors about it.

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    It also goes by who applied first..those 9,8,&7's that applied early get in first and then they take the top of the list and downward from whoever is left. So if you applied at the last minute and got a 9 or 8 you may not get in or you may get put on a waiting list. Its a first come,first serve type of system.
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    See, that's the exact opposite of what my application session group was told and what I personally was told by a counselor. That it was not first come, first serve. That the applications did not even get looked at until after the deadline and that they were NOT sorted according to date of application. Were you told differently?
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    Yes the woman who did my information session specifically said that the earlier you apply the better your chances are. I know for a fact that they don't wait until the deadline because the last AHT was the first week of March and all of us on here already were notified of our exceptance a month prior to that.
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    The woman that gave ours said it did not matter - gotta love conflicting information.
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    Oh, and I wasn't talking about the date of the last AHT as the deadline, I meant the application deadline of January 13th. That's what our group was told. I even took notes during the session and have that written in the handbook they gave us.
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    Yeah.. gotta love CCP and their lack of knowledge. Definitely do not listen to the counselors cause they do not know anything about anything. They'll tell you to take classes that have nothing to do with your major and get you to spend money when you don't have to.

    Just so you know this doesn't mean you didn't get in. Alot of people that get accepted also apply to other nursing programs and chose to go to another school or they don't send their deposit in on time. I wouldn't worry. You will get a letter either way. We've all been waiting on our packets for a few weeks now.. I keep trying not to think about it. They take forever to do everything at CCP.
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    Yeah, it's out of my hands now. I just worked pretty damn hard to get that 8 (I'd have a 9 if I was a group A applicant because I ended getting a 4.0 at CCP) and if it's all for nothing I'll be ticked. I can't afford to go anywhere else - my outstanding loans from my first degree are crazy enough. I guess I'll just have to wait...and not drive myself crazy in the process. Thanks for the info.
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    Curriculum on my enrollment profile was changed to nursing today. See you guys in the fall : )
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    YAY!!! See no worries.
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