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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

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    I talked to one of the women in charge of the Nursing program. She said we do have class Thurs & Fri from 8am-2pm for the first 5 weeks of school.
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    Thanks for posting that info. I'm sorry about the babysitting thing. It was pretty unclear. The good news is we can sleep an extra hour for the first 5 weeks.
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    At orientation they stressed the importance of figuring out daycare asap but didn't give us the clarity of information to do so.
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    Yeah I had my daughter scheduled for full-time but when I found out we didn't have clinicals right away I asked my sitter if I could bring her part-time to save money. She agreed. I'm sure she will be fine with me changing it back to full-time..she'll get more money..lol it just means i gotta come up with more money.
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    Do we have to wear our uniforms to the ACE thing that they are talkin about
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    I'm not sure. I don't think so but ya never know.
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    there must have been a lot of people asking because they sent an email. lol. no uniforms for ace!
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    How much did you end up paying for all of the required books ? I was thinking about getting mines today so I can get started on some of the readings !
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    I havent bought my books yet, but I need to soon because I want to get started on the readings as well. I know they are probably cheaper online, but I think Im going to have to buy everything at the bookstore so I can use my bookstore credit because I cant afford to buy all those books out of pocket. lol. Has anyone bought the books from the bookstore?
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    I bought mine through B&N and more or less paid full price. It looks like we won't be using the Med-Surg book for at least the first 5 weeks, in case you want to spread it out. I bought my books in bits.

    Lol my dad went on a rant about how the textbook publishers are "thieves" (he's a nurse). He says they change a couple things every year so we can't buy used and have to keep buying the newest edition. He's probably right.