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I have been a pediatric nurse for 5 years. I started in a pediatric hospital doing inpatient neurology/neurosurgery and I currently do home health intermittent visits, primarily for patients with cancer. I've been doing it for... Read More

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    I work in a large children's hospital on the trauma/ortho/surgical floor.... we are also the Cystic Fibrosis floor as well. (Honestly, we do it all. LOL)

    I get a lot of "How can you do this? How can you work with all this sadness every day? It's so tragic!!" While there are definitely children that I take care of who affect me in different ways that I carry around in my heart, I have the opportunity to work on a floor where these kids GET BETTER for the most part. Do I take care of some terminal kids? Yes. But I also take care of those really sick kids that GET BETTER. And that's truly the awesome part of my job. Which is what I tell people when they ask me "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS?!" with that horrified look on their face. I do it because I love it.... there is nothing like watching a kid get better and go home!
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    Quote from wooh
    They don't want to hear the details. What do I do? "I torture children for a living!haha!" And move on. Even adult healthcare providers don't get it. They can find the dark humor in adult tragedy, but most will wince at what these kids go through.
    The details are what coworkers and allnurses are for.
    Yeah, I get sick of people saying "oh it must be so hard to see sick children in pain all the time" so I've started just shrugging my shoulders and saying something along the lines of "nah, I love it."

    Peds nursing is not for sissies. I have a job in an all ages ER now because it's closer to home and I thought I wanted adult experience and if I have to cath one more cavernous, dischargy old lady, I think I just might die. I brought a baby out to the nurses station to catch up on charting while the mom was still in the waiting room and all the other nurses looked at me like I was crazy and I was just all "don't mind us."
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    This past week has been very, very hard for me. A primary patient of mine passed away very suddenly, from a cause no one saw coming. He had been on our unit 2 months but that was short considering the prior 16 months he had spent in three other hospitals. Never once making it home. This was the hospital he was supposed to go home from. On the same day that he died it was the 2nd birthday of my last primary patient who had died (as a baby, it took a long time for me to agree to being a primary again). Emotionally it has been an exhausting week. Couple that with the extreme acuity and high stress of my unit at the moment (daily ECMO cannulations, codes, open heart OR's etc) and we are all exhausted.

    Last night I received a text message though from the mother of my previous primary, the one who would have been two this week. She is having another baby. Hearing that made this week better for me. Knowing that this family, who went through so much and suffered so much, has finally gotten to a place where they can have another child makes me happy, and gives me hope for the family of the little boy I laid in the morgue on Wednesday, that one day they too will be able to heal.

    Sometimes this job s*cks! And it's hard and emotionally draining. But I wouldn't work anywhere else.

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