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    So initially, I was vehemently against working in these three areas. But now I'm thinking about it. It's harder due to the depth of thinking that's required. But I'm nervous and I have questions.

    is it difficult to transition from Med/Surg to PICU, CICU, or NICU? Because if I decide to be a travel nurse, don't they tend to want to see people who've had Med/surg experience?

    I'm curious and interested.

    Please enlighten

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    I think if its peds med surg you shouldn't have a problem, especially with PICU. I have worked both NICU and CICU and both units use travelers frequently, in fact I am planning on travelling next year and since I also float to PICU (and some picu's/cicu's haven't made the separation yet) I should be more marketable

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