Pediatric LTC/Rehab facilities in San Francisco for New Grad

  1. 0 Hello nurses!

    I am a new grad (from an accelerated BSN program in Illinois) that recently relocated to San Francisco. I want to work in pediatrics and think I would really like working in peds rehab or peds long-term-care facilities. Things I like about this area of peds: being a part of the transition back home from the acute setting, developing longer relationships with patients/families, the idea of growing/learning/regaining skills lost in an illness/traumatic event, a more home-like environment rather than acute hospital setting. I am actually just looking for part-time work right now because I have another part-time job that I really enjoy. So my questions are:

    1. What are the names of pediatric LTC/rehab/recovery facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area? (I know of Subacute Saratoga and Children's Recovery Center of Northern California, both are about an hour from the city, closer to San Jose)

    2. What's a typical "day-in-the-life" of a pediatric rehab or LTC nurse?

    3. Are these types of facilities more likely to hire a new grad than a big hospital? (I did an accelerated BSN program, have a 3.84 GPA, worked as an in-home caregiver through IHSS for a quadriplegic adult for a year and a half, worked as a transport in a hospital for about six months, and have lots of experience with children through coaching and babysitting)

    Any info or advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
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    sent you a PM
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    Thank you for your response, but I can't see your PM! My inbox says: Members are required to have a minimum of 15 quality topics in order to use our Private Messaging (PM) System. Since I have only written a couple of times on here, I don't have access to it. Would you mind writing the basics here? I can't think of how else to contact you since I can't put my email on the thread!
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    Do you mind if I ask for your resources too? I'm also in the Bay Area and know that working with children is my dream, and am looking into pediatric subacute/long-term care areas. I know of Saratoga Subacute Children's Hospital but that's it.
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    Hi there--I have been a Peds RN for my whole 30 year RN career and most of the last 15 years in northern California. Due to the great climate, the economy and the world class healthcare, the Bay area is socked in right now and not a good choice unfortunately for a new grad in any nursing area. However, there seem to be some openings popping up here and there--Kaiser, County hospitals, home health etc. I work at a very unique place for transitional and hospice care for children about 20 miles east of SF. We do not have a new grad program but see tons and tons of RN and MD students. Most of them are struggling to find work and are taking whatever they can get their hands on. I wish you the best of luck...don't give up! Volunteer, consider travel nursing or other out of the box ideas. Pediatrics is the best!
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