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i had been working with medically fragile kids for over 10 years and while all of my patients were special to me, this one was different. i had been hearing about this "walkie-talkie" five-year-old boy for months, we'll call him... Read More

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    I'm a mother of a little guy that has nurses. Y'all do such an amazing job. We're moving away next week and it breaks my heart to lose my nurses. It's hard to find excellent home health nurses who treat him like their own.
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    I was sobbing, what a touching story. Sometimes with long-term home health care nursing it can be hard to detach oneself. As long as the nurse does their job, however, I think it's fine.
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    I know I'm super late with the response... Thank you ibmanda2000
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    This post made me cry.You are a wonderful person and Joseph was truly blessed to have a wonderful nurse like you!
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    So so sad I cried all the way to the end u were a great nurse to Joseph keep up the work GOD BLESS
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    This made me cry.

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