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So I am about to be a new grad and I am applying to a pediatric new grad program. One of the requirements is to write an essay on why I want to be a pediatric nurse. I have already written the essay,... Read More

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    Quote from llg
    Good luck, PnutButterJelly. You sound like a good person and I hope you get the job. Remember: a little of the fluffy stuff is OK: you should show them you have a soft, cuddly side. But the people you are trying to impress have been in the trenches and survived -- and they are looking for people who can similarly survive in the trenches. They want to see strength and preparedness -- as well as "niceness" that will shine through to the patients -- and that will shine through to your colleagues. Aim for showing a good balance between the "soft" and the "tough" -- because both are important.

    You answered your own question ^^^ right there! Good Luck!

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    Tug on those heart strings.

    If you can write something that can make the selection team cry their eyes out, your in. Use your imagination. Its not like they are going to track down every single person in your story to corroborate.
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    I agree with minimizing the cheese and heart strings sections. Honestly, you've been given great advice by Jan and llg. As a veteran peds nurse, I can't stand schmaltz, so I wouldn't go that route. Most of us who have worked peds for many years have seen so many real tear-jerker stories that its hard for something I read to have the same emotional impact. Emphasize your strengths,special experiences.
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    This is sort of the direction I went with. The prompt was this--Why do you want to work here? What makes a good pediatric nurse? So I kind of utilized good traits within myself to explain a good peds nurse (without ever coming out and saying "ME!!"). Haha. I ended with a teeny tiny bit of cheese, but also used it to complement the hospital and relate it to working there. I actually think I did a really good job, so fingers crossed that I get a call back! Thank you all so much. You have given such good advice and I don't think I would feel as confident about my essay without everyone's input.

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