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So I am about to be a new grad and I am applying to a pediatric new grad program. One of the requirements is to write an essay on why I want to be a pediatric nurse. I have already written the essay,... Read More

  1. by   PnutButterJelly
    This is sort of the direction I went with. The prompt was this--Why do you want to work here? What makes a good pediatric nurse? So I kind of utilized good traits within myself to explain a good peds nurse (without ever coming out and saying "ME!!"). Haha. I ended with a teeny tiny bit of cheese, but also used it to complement the hospital and relate it to working there. I actually think I did a really good job, so fingers crossed that I get a call back! Thank you all so much. You have given such good advice and I don't think I would feel as confident about my essay without everyone's input.