1. Hello...I start my preceptorship in the NICU on Thursday and I'm looking for any helpful hints or items to review prior to going in on Thursday.
    Any topics I can review, would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   nicuRN1203
    I am an NICU nurse. The advice I would give you is to ask questions and be willing to help. Alot of us NICU nurses are very protective of our tiny patients so even though you will be excited don't overstep, allow the nurse that is precepting you to tell you when it is appropriate to do certain things. Good luck. I know you will enjoy the experience.
  4. by   agiboma
    As the mom of a 25 weeker and RN graduate I can tell you, that the parents are as much your patient as the child. Take time with them, always show them empathy and consider their feelings. NICU is a whole new world, so enjoy the triumphs and find coping skills to get over the defeats. Good LUck!!!!!