New Neonatal Pediatric Transport Certification Examination from NCC

  1. NCC is pleased to announce that the first inaugural testing for the Neonatal Pediatric Transport subspecialty has been completed. 350 health care professionals including nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, paramedics and physicians took the exam. Eighty seven percent of the candidates successfully completed the credentialing process for the subspecialty certificate of added qualification receiving the credential C-NPT.

    Testing of the NPT exam will resume November 20, 2009. Registration is currently available online or by mail and further information can be obtained at the NCC website under the NPT exam link located under the certification tab.

    Maintenance of the C-NPT credential will be required every three years either by retesting or earning 15 continuing education hours in the Neonatal Pediatric Transport Specialty. A maintenance catalog and application will be available for this examination beginning in January 2010 on the NCC website.
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