Mama question...12 mg Morphine for 4 yotj

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    Hi all!
    I have a quick question. I work ICU- adults.
    I took my daughter to the dentist today and she has cavities.
    They said she should be sedated.
    12 mg Morphine, oral; and 8 mg Atarax oral.
    She is 4 and 38#.

    Seems like an awful lot- especially outside of a medical setting.

    Can someone tell me the normal? Is there a normal?

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    I'm sorry, but we can't answer this question. Please direct your concerns to the dentist or your child's pediatrician or pharmacist.

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    I had an interview with a dentist office that I declined. They had RNs in the office to handle sedation and recovery. I've never even given 12 of morphine to an adult though :/ I think that's a lot for a kid!!

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    This question is considered seeking medical advice and is against TOS. We cannot answer your question.
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    I got 8.6mg of morphine and 10.2 of the atarax just looking up dosage calculations

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    Sorry guys :/ thought she was just asking opinions. Someone delete my posts please

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Oh sorry.
    Didn't realize personal experience was medical advice.

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