looking for pediatric orthopedic specialist for spine surgery

  1. Hi-friends daughter needs surgery for spinal scoliosis. I think she's 13, living in VA. Any recommendations for a specialist center/surgeon would be appreciated. We can use the usual resources to look at infection rates etc and have seen some hospital ratings for ped ortho, but wanted to get some advice/recommendations from nurses. Looks like Duke and UNC Chapel Hill may be the highest rated that are closest, but ratings are only as good as the data they use. Also aware of the reputation of John Hopkins and the Washington Childrens hospital, but they're much further away. Thanks. Sorry-but I don't seem to be able to write in paragraphs- enter key on keyboard doesn't do anything? Maybe allnurses doesn't like Windows 8.
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    I wish all the luck in the world to your friend and their daughter. As per the Terms of Service ........

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