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I'm a pediatric nurse at a pretty large hospital on a general medical floor. However, our population isn't very general. We see patients who have had dozens of surgeries, have CVL's, GT's, JT's, ostomies - lots of "total care"... Read More

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    Your post made me want to cry! You sound like such a compassionate and beautiful person, hang in there and don't give up and you need to get on that duplication issue stat cause the world needs more people like you!

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    Every one of your little patients that didn't have a parent would ideally have someone with them nearly 1-1. So you started the shift without being able to meet all their needs. You got the nursing care done and spent a few minutes trying to make things easier with each visit- you are an excellent nurse.

    If your hospital has a volunteer program give them a call. If the parents allow a volunteer can make the day so much easier for patients and nurses.
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    I start volunteering tomorrow at my local Children's hospital and I can't wait to give nurses like you the assitance needed with these little ones. You are an incredible nurse and I hope one day to be as loving as you under dificult circumstances.


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    I also wanted to point out that the daycares have ratios of 1:5 around here. For healthy kids...

    Common sense has gone out the window.
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