Discouraged Student Nurse looking for wisdom!

  1. I am an ADN student who will graduate in May looking for some guidance. I am wanting to work at All Children's Hospital or St. Judes...mostly because they both have AWESOME new grad nurse programs. Is this hoping for too much with just my ADN? It seems to me ADN students are the black sheep of the nursing community. I have 12 hour clinicals and work like a mad women in my program! I have completed my pre reqs for my BSN and am applying in the spring. I'm really discouraged that I may have another year of school before I could actually work as a nurse!
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  3. by   ounsrey
    You'll be surprised by how many nurses out there in higher positions with an ADN. Is that grad program highly competitive? Does it require BSN? I would suggest applying. It doesn't hurt. Taking BSN classes and being in that program might a little too much on your plate at the same time.
  4. by   MJeanRN
    The worst anyone can ever tell you is no. Make sure you include on your resume that you've started pre-req's for your BSN.
  5. by   KelRN215
    What does the description of the programs say? I briefly looked at All Children's and it doesn't say anything about a BSN being required. If they require a BSN, they will tell you as much. When I started at a new grad at a Children's Hospital up north, they were very clear on all their listings for the program that it was for BSN grads only.

    Apply... the worst that can happen is that you don't get a position and that will certainly happen if you don't apply.
  6. by   PNicholas
    I wasn't finding anywhere on the applications that said BSN required. St. Judes says preferred. My clinical instructor told me programs like that don't take ADN students. They want so badly to keep nurses in this town BUT they throw you to the wolves as soon as you are hired! Literally, I was working with a nurse during clinicals that had only been a nurse for 2 weeks! I love Peds and I really want the opportunity to be the best nurse I possibly can! Thanks for the information!