Different Areas of Pediatric Nursing

  1. I have been a nurse for three years in a pediatric rehab facility. We receive children from three months to eighteen years of age. I love working with the patients and the families. It is the hands on interaction with the families and patients that really makes the job worth going to everyday.

    I have been working the night shift and this is my first position as nurse.
    It could be due to the night shift situation, but I have been feeling a little confused if nursing is still meant for me. I am not enjoying the medical aspect of nursing as much as I used too. I really would like a position with more hands on interaction with kids. I was hoping to find a position that may involve more education with pediatrics and have a family friendly schedule if possible. If anyone one has sugestions I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    School nursing (sometimes requires a specialty certification depending on your state) will definitely include more teaching, but less acute care interventions. School nursing is great for family life, because you'll be working the same hours as your kids are in school, you'll have summers off, holidays off, etc.

    An inpatient unit will give you more variety. Depending on the availability in your area you may be able to work on a specialty unit (such as renal, neuro, cardiac, etc.) or a general floor.

    Outpatient clinics, I'm specifically thinking of a hemo-onc clinic where you will be administering chemo, are also an option. These clinics tend to have more family friendly hours- such as 9-5 M-F, no weekends or holidays.