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Choosing a Children's Hospital

  1. 0 Hi everyone...

    I am interviewing currently for a NICU position with a couple of different hospitals and I wanted to inquire about how you chose a hospital to work in.

    Many of you have years/decades of experience and I hope to glean some wisdom from your experiences. Thank you for any advice you may have.

    I am so excited to be on the verge of my first nursing position. Thank you for any advice you may have and I look forward to hearing your comments.
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    I already lived there and I didn't particularly want to move. That was honestly all that went into the decision.
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    There were only 2 NICUs in the area and only 1 was hiring lol. You need to look at how far you want to travel, benefit packages. Things like that. I didn't work at my hospital for the pay.... We are a county hospital and aren't near the private hospital level.